The Benefits of Using Kitchen Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the best solution for home renovation. With their wide variety of designs and patterns, they can put a new twist to your ordinary-looking walls. Wallpaper for walls can be used in every nook and corner of the home, be it bedrooms, living room, bathroom or the kitchen. It can also be used on the ceiling to create a unique look, or even to cover old furniture pieces. Wallpapers are decorative and they add a visual appeal to your home. They are the best choice for covering up your walls and to give your interior space an alluring look.

Wallpaper for walls are easy to install. They can be quickly pasted on the walls using a special adhesive. They save a lot of time, as compared to a paint job. Painting walls require at least 4-5 days for the task. Wallpapers can be put up on walls within an hour to 7 hours, depending on the size of room. This hassle-free time-saving process proves to be a big plus when it comes to using wallpaper in the kitchen. Since the work is done fast, your kitchen is not shut down for long.

From the budget point of view, wallpapers are more cost-effective than paint. High-quality branded paints are expensive. Especially if home owners want any texture on their walls, the cost becomes even higher. On the other end, high quality wallpapers are available at affordable prices easily. They are available in different textures without any difference in the cost. Moreover, wallpapers are highly durable. Paints usually start losing their shine after 4-5 years and require a retouching job. Wallpaper for walls can last for up to 10-12 years. They are easy to clean and maintain, and thus, continue to look new and shiny for many years.

Wallpapers are made of different kinds of materials such as vinyl, foil, fabric, suede, textile, grass, cork, bamboo, and more. These different materials are suitable for different purposes. Example, fabric wallpapers bring out the delicate patterns wonderfully and look good in the living room or entrance foyer. Vinyl-based wallpapers are the ideal option to be used in a bathroom or a kitchen due to its high moisture resistance.

While wallpapers are commonly found on your living room and bedroom walls, the kitchen is one space where home owners are still skeptical about using wallpapers. This should not be the case. Washable varieties of wallpapers are available that are specially made for use in the kitchen.

The chief benefits of using wallpaper in the kitchen are:

Easy to Clean

While doing your daily cooking chores, the kitchen is bound to get messy. The walls will be subjected to gravy stains and the cooking fumes will cause grease marks. Washable wallpapers are much easier to clean than wall tiles. The joints or corners of the tiles are sometimes difficult to clean because dirt and oil particles tend to get stuck there. When washable wallpapers are used in the kitchen, any type of stains or grease marks can be wiped clean using mild soap water and wet sponge. This is why it is important that only vinyl-based wallpapers are used in the kitchen as they are moisture resistant.

High Durability

Wallpapers for the kitchen are available in three different grades of durability – washable, scrubbable, and highly scrubbable. There are also certain wallpapers that have anti-bacterial properties which are appropriate for a space like the kitchen. It is important that the wallpaper you choose for your kitchen can withstand regular water splashes. Being splash-proof gives them a longer life span. High quality moisture-resistant wallpapers easily last for 8-10 years.

Plenty of Options

Using wallpaper for walls in your kitchen gives you a lot of choice for patterns and textures. Bright toned dual-colored stripes on the walls. A wooden texture to match the cabinets. Terrazzo tiles. Mosaic patterns. Geometric shapes. Botanical prints. Pastel florals. There are so many different options when it comes to choosing kitchen wallpaper. From vintage to modern to traditional to eccentric, you can pick any style for your kitchen walls.

Home Interiors

The kitchen is often referred to as the ‘heart of a home’. The kitchen area along with your dining room often serves as a communal space where you entertain your guests. Using wallpaper in the kitchen helps to make this section of your home look more attractive and visually pleasing. So, your guests will have positive things to say about your home.