The 5 Most Expensive Cigarette Brands

5. Dunhill

Commencing the best five is Dunhill, another mainstream cigarette brand. Like Kent, the brand is likewise claimed by British American Tobacco, one of the biggest tobacco organizations on the planet. Dunhill is known for being a costly cigarette brand wherever you go, so it’s an easy decision to incorporate it here.

Eminent for their tasteful bundling, Dunhill cigarettes are not in every case promptly accessible in many spots. They can be extremely elusive in some cases. On the off chance that you can manage the cost of it, we prescribe getting them in mass to spare yourself the issue of returning to distant stores. Obviously, you can generally get them at online shops in case you’re willing to be quiet about the transportation time.

There are really two renditions of Dunhill cigarettes: Dunhill and Dunhill International. The last is outstanding for its bigger bundling. At, the most costly Dunhill cigarettes go for $9.30 per pack. At, Dunhill cigarettes are accessible for $5.00 per pack.

4. Parliament

Parliament is another cigarette brand possessed by Altria, proprietor of the prominent Marlboro brand. The brand is known for being one of only a handful couple of cigarette brands to utilize recessed paper channels, which was initially imagined as an advertisement trick back when cigarettes didn’t have channels.

The channel on Parliament cigarettes enables smokers to completely encounter the flavor, one of the primary reasons why the brand is so famous among cigarette devotees. Aside from having a rich and delightful taste, Parliament cigarettes are likewise outstanding for being smooth with the appropriate measure of kick. offers three variations of Parliament cigarettes: Night Blue, Aqua Blue, and Silver Blue. Which are all accessible for $4.50 per pack. At, a Parliament Hybrid 2 of every 1 is accessible for $8.30 per pack. What’s more, at, all Parliament cigarettes are accessible for $5.00 per pack.

3. Vogue

Vogue is most likely one of the least conspicuous brands on this rundown. The brand is additionally claimed by the Kretek Cigaret . Vogue is principally advertised toward ladies, with the Vogue Superslims and Vogue Superslims Menthol driving the charge.

Contrasted with cigarettes from other real marks, Vogue cigarettes are somewhat light. Overwhelming smokers likely won’t get a kick out of Vogue cigarettes without a doubt. Be that as it may, on the brilliant side, they have a tempting flavor, which ought to energize the individuals who are about flavors.

Vogue cigarettes are accessible for $4.10 per pack at The Vogue Superslims Menthol is accessible for $5.60 per pack at

2. Sobranie

Presented in 1879, Sobranie is one of the most seasoned cigarette marks on the planet. It is being created by the Gallaher Group, a tobacco organization situated in England, which is claimed by Japan Tobacco, one of the main tobacco organizations in Japan.

Sobranie works in premium cigarettes and offers a wide scope of items, including Sobranie Cocktail, Sobranie Gold, and Sobranie White Russian. The most well known is the Sobranie Black Russian, considered as one the most overwhelming hitting cigarettes.

Sobranie Black Russian cigarettes are housed in dark paper with gold channels, giving them an effectively conspicuous look. They are additionally one of the most costly cigarettes on the planet. At, Sobranie Black Russians go for $7.00 per pack. At, they are accessible for $12.80 per pack. Also, at, they are accessible for $5.00 per pack.


Made by England-based The Chancellor Tobacco Company, Treasurer is pass on the most costly cigarette brand on the planet. It is additionally one of the most slippery. Cigarettes delivered by the brand are made of only the most premium quality materials.

Treasurer has a wide scope of items accessible, including Treasurer Aluminum Black, Treasurer Aluminum Gold, Treasurer Luxury Black, and Treasurer Slims Black. The official site of the brand doesn’t make reference to costs, so we don’t generally think a lot about the cigarettes cost.

In any case, in light of the costs at, Treasurer is on the uber-costly go, with the Treasurer Aluminum Black and Treasurer Aluminum Gold going for about $67 and $60 per pack, separately. The brand essentially overshadows the various brands on this rundown regarding evaluating.