Infamous Names of Civil War

The time between 1861-1865 saw the most powerful nation being divided on the ground of humanity, morals, economic differences, ideologies and much more. The Civil war might have gone for four years, but its roots were laid the moment America, and it’s citizens indulged themselves into being slave-owner under the assumption of whites being the better race and thus being privileged to treat other races as inferior, which is in this century termed as racism.

The civil war was the horrific time of political unrest in The United States. The degrading culture of capturing African or kidnapping them from their royal homes to make them slave had become an inherent tradition in the roots of South America.

The culture that was prevalent for decades was brought down by the determination and hard-work of several social activists and political figures. Following are the prominent figures who either worked to eliminate slaved or fought for its sustenance under the name of privilege:

Abraham Lincoln:

The 16th president of U.S. A, even before having won the presidential election made his abomination towards the despicable establishment that was slavery in the Illinois constitution debate speeches.Though he lost the legislature election, those powerful speeches helped his presidential campaign.  Soon, Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican president. His strong aversion to slavery and the belief to make slavery a legal crime with Emancipation Proclamation further aggravating the communities of the then politically famous Southern towns swayed by the Confederate ideology like Florida, Mississippi. These towns seceded, which led to war and Abraham Lincoln led Union to the victory in the Civil War, and the thirteenth amendment that ended slavery in America was passed.

Jefferson Davis:

He served in the Mexican War and was elected the United States Senator from Mississippi. He idolized the founding father of United States and never expressed any dislike towards slavery, considering slavery started when America was founded, and it had become a tradition by then, but he was against Mississippi seceding against the Union. In 1861, South Carolina and Mississippi seceded from the Union, and Davis left the Senate to return to Mississippi. He was elected the political head of the Confederacy in the American Civil war, by the seceded Confederate states.

He decided that General Robert Lee should command the Army of North Virginia and this proved to be sound thinking, with Robert Lee leading Confederates to victory in several famous battles of Civil War. After the war ended, Jefferson Davis was captured and found guilty of treason and was jailed for two years before paying a hefty bail amount to get released.

Robert Lee:

He was the General of the Confederate Army in the Civil war and was given the command of Army of North Virginia by Confederate President Jefferson Davis. He led the Confederacy to victory in Second Bull Run. The most notable victory under the leadership of this prominent military leader was the Battle of Chancellorsville, one of the bloodiest battle in the Civil War. He fought further with full determination even after getting defeated in the Battle of Gettysburg and losing all the hope of getting back as sharp as he was initially. He surrendered at Appomattox courthouse in 1865 and was pardoned by the president.

These were the figures who influence every turn of the Civil war through their beliefs, use of military power and tactics. If you wish to learn more about civil war or want your children to learn about all the pivotal causes, events and the aftermath of this historical period, look up online. You will find interactive ways of learning about these significant moments like civil war activities and simulation program

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