Honda has revealed plans for a Honda Jazz based electric car

The car is expected to be launched around 2020

Honda has revealed their electric car for the global market which is based on the popular Honda Jazz. The electric car is due to be launched in the first half of 2020.

The Jazz based electric vehicle will use battery technology from Chinese firm- Contemporary Amperex Technology as opposed to the Panasonic and GS Yuasa batteries currently in use by Honda EV’s already on the market. This decision was made to better prospects in China where the government provides incentives to vehicles which include locally-made batteries.

Details around the design are yet to be released, with speculation around whether the vehicle will match the Jazz entirely or if it will sport a completely new and unique design. What we do know is that the car will have a range of around 300km. It has been reported that the vehicle will cost around $24000 in the Chinese market where Honda expects to sell around 10000 units each year.

There is something more in store for Honda’s EV department with the unveiling of a concept car based on the HR-V SUV at the Beijing Motor Show just a few weeks ago. This vehicle is expected to go on sale later this year in China. In terms of global offerings, there is currently just the Clarity which is sold in the United States. The Clarity EV was modeled according to Californian laws, using a 25.5kWh battery pack to produce 129bhp and 300Nm of torque.

It is currently unclear which markets the Jazz EV will be sold in, though by 2020 we can expect a spike in EV interest and a broader target market for Honda. The current Honda Jazz is offered in electrified hybrid form, though Malaysia is the only market besides Japan where you can get your hands on one. The Jazz Hybrid puts together a 1.5 litre petrol engine, a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission with an integrated electric motor as well as a battery pack. Where South Africa stands in this is unclear though rumoured plans by Tata to launch an EV in this region may cause Honda to follow suit.

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