Get the best seafood while traveling San Francisco for the first time

San Francisco is a diverse city in USA located close to the Bay. It is widely known for its broad cultural flora and fauna. Apart from the natural beauty and rich legacy, the town is fairly popular as a food destination in America.

San Francisco (or SF) could be the birthplace of type I sourdough bread, steam beer, Mission burrito and Cioppino. Sourdough bread is section of SF culture today. These are firm and have pH range of 3.8 to 4.5. The steam beer is known as the California common beer and Mission burrito holds unique value (by the size and inclusion of extra rice).

California cuisine is marked by a pastime in fusion cooking style, where San Francisco chefs bring wide variety of freshly prepared dishes produced from local ingredients. SF dishes integrate fresh cooking styles and constituents. The city is found close to the Bay, where seafood is quite easily available. Fisherman’s Wharf has been serving a nearby specialty of alaskan king crab for many decades.

Today’s fishing fleet brings an abundant variety of seafood choice such as shrimp, tuna, salmon, sushi, crabs, lobster, clam, scallops and oyster, etc.

Cioppino is one of the most popular local seafood. Italian seafood stews and soups are popular all around the world. San Franciscans make the very best hearty seafood-rich soup with local ingredients using Italian cooking styles. Traditionally the soup uses the ingredients from the catch of the day. The spicy treat satisfies every palate and makes a great dish for casual to informal dinners. The dish is better served with warm loaf of fresh Italian bread and a good tossed salad. Cioppino produced from the mix of sauces and herbs in white wine makes probably the most delicious seafood for the locals.

Clam chowder, an exceptionally popular local dish, is a steamy delight. It is manufactured out of clams, fresh cream, diced potatoes and milk base along with some fresh aromatic herbs. The dish makes great combination with local sourdough bread and oyster crackers.

Crab cakes and crab balls from alaskan king crab meat, oyster, grilled salmon or tuna, shellfish saute, crab Luis salad etc. are a number of the locally preferred dishes.

Fisherman’s Wharf is really a major tourist attraction point, where people mostly search for the famous restaurants and popular seafood dishes. The region is famous for seafood dishes by the top class restaurants. San Francisco has achieved great success in creating landmark restaurants and making a substantial market for seafood. The city is widely referred to as restaurant city in the America, where you can find street food vendors to high-fashioned restaurants and top-class chefs making use of their classic menu. Locals can’t get enough of the wonderful food in restaurants. Savvy tourists also crave for good seafood in the Bay Area restaurants. So, plan the next dining out at a seafood restaurant San Francisco.