Corporate Opting for Luxury Resort to Host Their Events

Life as a working adult is extremely demanding. There are crazy deadlines and unattainable targets we have to meet. Employees have to face immense work pressure, sometimes not getting a break even on the weekend. This kind of a hectic work routine can be very damaging, both physically and mentally. It leads to exhaustion, mental fatigue and irritability which can cause altercations within team members. Being over-worked may also result in job frustration.

This is why most corporate organizations nowadays organize team outings for their employees. It has been proven that taking mental breaks can help to increase productivity. There are many corporate event venues near Kolkata that are ideal for a company retreat. The team building activities carried out during these outings helps employees to de-stress, allowing them to relax for a while. It is a chance for them to interact with their fellow colleagues on a more casual way, thus, reinforcing their interpersonal ties.

Planning a corporate event is a big responsibility. Whatever event it is – training workshop, recruitment drive, annual conference, shareholder’s meeting, team outing – it is vital to choose the right venue. Most organizations are on the lookout for a perfect corporate venue, but at a minimal price. This is where resorts come into the picture. There are many luxury resorts in the city which offer all-inclusive packages for corporate events. Banquet halls and conference rooms are available at hugely discounted rates. When choosing corporate event venues near Kolkata, price is an important deciding factor.

Location of the venue also plays a vital role. If the event being organized is a conference or business meeting, the resort must have good connectivity in terms of transport. This is to ensure that your delegates can easily reach the venue without any hassle. If the conference is going to be attended by outstation guests, it is advisable to pick a venue that is closer to the airport. Some corporate resorts also provide pick up services for their guests.

Location is important even while planning a corporate team outing. Look for a centrally located resort with easy transportation services. If too much time is spent in travelling to the venue, employees will get tired even before they have reached. The best practice to follow in such cases is when companies provide transport for all employees. This way, everyone reaches safe and sound.

One thing to look for when choosing corporate event venues near Kolkata is to ensure that the resort has fully-equipped conference rooms. Whether it is a training session or a business seminar, conference rooms are a must-have. First and foremost, it should be centrally air-conditioned. Additionally, it must have all the necessary equipments in fine working condition including audio-visual projectors, screens, adaptors, white boards, markers, and more. Ergonomic chairs must be provided so that attendees can sit comfortably for long hours. Most luxury resorts also provide free and secure parking for all their visitors. This is important because if any of your delegates choose to come in their personal vehicle, parking space shall be readily available. 

For a fun and relaxed team outing, organizations must look for additional recreational amenities when booking a venue. The ideal resort shall have additional attractions like a swimming pool, cricket pitch, football ground, badminton court, indoor games room, spas, restaurants and bars. Having access to such open spaces allows companies to arrange a friendly cricket match or a table-tennis competition between employees. This serves the purpose of having fun, as well as team-building. A few resorts have an inbound lake where guests can enjoy boating. Many of the luxury resorts are located amidst lush green natural surroundings. When employees get this chance to some time with nature, they feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The calm and tranquil surroundings takes away all their stress, leaving them feel all charged up for work.

And last but not the least, always select a venue with excellent catering services when booking for a corporate event. Whether it is a conference or team outing, good food is always expected at all business events. Before booking the resort, make enquiries from trusted sources about the quality of food served there. Most luxury resorts offer great dining options in multiple cuisines.

In conclusion, more and more companies nowadays are choosing luxury resorts for their various corporate events.