8 Reasons Why Anime is More Epic Than Manga

Anime and Manga, both are a Japanese form of entertainment that have become massively popular all over the world. Where these sources of entertainment have brought many communities together, there have also been a huge debate going on as to which of these is better.

The choice between the two is more about personal choice. We believe manga to be a better source because the manga is easier to consume, and you get to have an engaging experience enjoying your favourite series. Manga is for people who like or are used to of reading comic books.   

Anime Vs Manga: Which is the Best?

There is no right answer to this question. Although there are some obvious benefits of watching anime that is undeniable, that make anime a little bit better than the manga. But manga lovers would argue otherwise, and they are also right. So, how can we settle this dilemma?

Below are our reasons why we believe anime to be better than the manga  

  • Easy to Consume

Anime content is much easier to digest and understand than Manga. Reading manga requires a massive amount of focus and if you are not paying attention, you can miss out on important details. And if you are the kind of person who is more into watching than reading stuff, the manga is probably not for you. You need to go to anime. There are platforms like Kissanime that are offering quality anime content that you can check out and watch online.  

  • Excellent Visuals

Anime features amazing visuals for actions sequences and all the other kinds of scenes. With manga, there is no way you can get the same level of visuals because there just isn’t enough room for that. Anime creators take the idea from the manga and then take it to the next level with the animation. Although some manga is quite detailed, the visuals there are not just dynamic, and they can’t match what anime has to offer.    

  • Voice Acting Brings Characters to Life

Voice actors bring your favorite manga characters to life. There have been some iconic characters that were made insanely famous by remarkable voice acting. Manga is most popular in Japan. It is through voice acting in the anime that a manga story can get success worldwide. Voice Actors are chosen based on what the character might sound like. So, with voice acting, you get to enjoy your favorite shows in a more fun and engaging way.    

  • Rich Experience

Anime offers a richer and more interactive experience than manga. We are in no way going against reading manga. We are just explaining what anime has to offer that manga just can’t make up for. And the streaming experience is one of those things. Dynamic visuals in the anime can even make the blandest sequences look fun and interesting.     

  • Awesome Soundtracks

Anime viewers love Anime Soundtracks. In fact, people wait for the release of the new soundtracks for their favourite shows. This is how much people love them. Some anime soundtracks are known all over the world. These tracks are a bit different than what you find in the movies on Moviesda website, but they are great, nonetheless. People are fascinated by these tracks and they really enjoy them.    

  • Less Time Needed

Watching anime takes much less time than reading manga for the show. On average, a manga can be anywhere between 40 to 60 pages, more or less. If you don’t like to read stuff, then going through manga can get quite difficult for you. This is not the case with anime. When you are watching anime, you don’t have to put a lot of time and effort. This makes enjoying the anime show much easier than reading a manga. Although both these sources of entertainment are good, if you want to save time, then go for manga.      

  • Ease of Access

There is greater ease of access with anime than manga. You can get access to the latest manga in a fast way. There are a lot of mobile and desktop online platforms that can be used for streaming anime. You don’t have to get anime from a comic book or a manga store. You can go online and easily find any kind of anime show that you like to watch. 

Wrapping Up   

Watching anime allows you to have an awesome experience enjoying a manga series in a more alive way. You get to see different characters interacting with one another in real-time. And there is also massive ease of access and portability that comes with watching anime online.  With so many amazing paid websites out there, you can enjoy anime on your phone or your PC, in HD quality. We recommend choosing manga if you want an engaging experience when enjoying your favourite stories.