Wood Furniture Vs Concrete Furniture: Which Is Better?

“You don’t just want to sit in a chair.

You want to experience it!”

                                                                                                                             – Anthony T.Hincks

Furniture is not just a decor expense that complements the interiors of your house, but an experience that would affect your mood daily.

Although you cannot claim that either of the two furniture materials, wooden or concrete, is better than the other, still, concrete clearly wins the war when durability and resilience are considered.

Well! Read ahead to learn how wood furniture differs from concrete furniture and which one you should prefer for your home:

Concrete furniture is more environmentally-friendly than wood furniture because of two reasons, it lasts longer than wood, and it does not encourage deforestation to meet the demands of the customers.

The advent of technology enables you to purchase concrete furniture that can give a wooden finish (gone are the days of the ugly grey colour); however, you cannot buy wood furniture that gives a concrete finish (if needed), unless you are prepared to spend on laminations (sunmica).

Wood furniture is lighter than concrete furniture, which makes it a much more convenient option, especially for small homeowners.

Both these furniture materials offer customisation options. Yes, you can customise the shape, size, colour and appearance of the furniture.

Contrary to popular belief, concrete furniture ensures a comfortable seating, as far as you have invested well in its finish and padded top. Wood furniture is quite similar to concrete because they both offer a hard surface to sit on.

Wood furniture is available in a variety of price range, i.e. some are cheap, and some are expensive. However, concrete furniture does not have an extensive price range, unless you wish to customise it too uniquely. It is believed that most wood furniture is affordable to the average Australian.

Concrete furniture is becoming the new favourite across the globe because once you put a sealant on the concrete, you need not worry about damage from moisture, sunlight or severe temperature conditions (extreme heat can damage the sealants as well). However, with wood furniture, you may always have to be worried; especially, if you live in Tasmania, Roebourne or Herberton, Queensland. Although wooden sealants can prevent such damages to a certain extent. Owing to favourable climate conditions, you can purchase both wood and concrete tables in Brisbane, Mackay, Cairns and some other parts of Australia.

Scratches and stubborn stains are typical wood furniture issues, and chips & cracks are common concrete furniture problems. So, choosing the right furniture material depends on individual household conditions and furniture uses, i.e. there is no perfect choice for every house.

Wood requires high-maintenance, i.e. regular polishing or varnishing because it gets darker with time; however, concrete furniture is preferred because of the low maintenance requirements, as it can look just you like you bought it yesterday for many years; all you need is to use some detergent every now and then to wipe the blemishes.

Both the furniture materials have a ‘natural’ look, ensures utmost elegance, are versatile and have a ‘wow’ factor; however, concrete furniture is gaining traction around the world because of its promising features (mentioned above).


Most of the differences and similarities mentioned above favour concrete more than wood because every homeowner looks for an ecological, environmentally-friendly and exquisite furniture material, and concrete satisfies them all without any doubts.

Be it concrete outdoor furniture or concrete tabletops in the living room; you need to choose the colour and texture of the furniture carefully to make sure that it complements the other decorative items.

As already mentioned above, there is no perfect option; however, now that you are aware of the differences between the two, you can take an informed decision for your house.

Know the products! Spend wisely! Enhance the aesthetic beauty!