Why should you Use Water Fed Poles to Clean Windows?

Traditionally, you cleaned windows with the use of ladders, squeegees, washing solutions, and a clean microfibre cloth for wiping. It was, in fact, a quite tedious job. It required loads of physical efforts and could take anything from a few hours to half the day, or even a few days as per your property size. But with the advancement of the world and technology, everything seems to have become a bit easier. Window cleaning is no different.

This water fed pole window cleaning system uses less time and gives you better results. It uses telescopic poles that reach out, sprays water, scrubs, wipes etc., and clean windows where you can’t even reach. Basically, it is poles complete with brushes that can access heights as much as 70 feet. It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, buy it to believe it. Go on and purchase window cleaning poles. Full Clean Centre provides you with an extensive range, all fit for professional cleaning. They give you the best and most efficient results.

Benefits of using water fed poles to clean windows

You might also be thinking why go for this new method when you can use traditional window cleaning equipment as always? Well, coz we are about to give you quite a few reasons to do so. These benefits will tell you why the water fed pole system has become the preferred system of window cleaning nowadays. It’s convenient for both the customers as well as the professional cleaners.

  • Time-Saving: This is one of the biggest advantages of using the telescopic pole system. This technique saves up on time. And we all know that time is money. Especially, in this busy and materialistic world.
  • Safety: Human life doesn’t come with a price tag. This system involves working from the safety of the ground. There is no risk to the worker’s life. It avoids any chances of people falling from ladders or high heights.
  • Easy and convenient: This process of window cleaning is relatively easier and simpler. Also, there’s no need to run around with buckets of water, fill and refill them, climb up and down ladders etc. Anybody can do this job efficiently now.
  • Long-lasting cleaning: Windows stay cleaner for a longer time when cleaned using this system. This is because of the pure water and no chemicals that are used in this process. So, the windows are left with a smooth and sparkling finish and contaminants take longer to settle on them.
  • Rains aren’t a problem: This system of window cleaning can also be done in the rainy weather. Why? Because of the simple reason that there’s no danger of slipping and falling off wet ladders. So, clean windows to your heart’s content using extendable poles.
  • Versatility: The water fed pole system goes way beyond than just cleaning windows. It can be used to clean the frames, the sills, the soffits etc. Also, removing dust from flat glass roof lights or Velux windows is also possible due to these. You can even reach out to solar panels if needed.
  • Eco-friendly: Last but not least, this system of window cleaning is as convenient for you, as it is for the environment. The traditional sponge and bucket method made use of chemical solutions, detergents etc. This posed the health or environmental risks. But the use of purified water and no chemicals pose no threats to human life, the property, or the ecosystem as a whole.

So, these were the main reasons due to which, you should absolutely give this new-age window cleaning technique a try. We are pretty sure you will like it better than the traditional way. So what say? Are you ready to clean windows the new way?

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