Why laser therapy is beneficial

It is said that people of all ages can get a huge benefit from low-level laser therapy. This is very much effective in major or acute injuries and also in long-term chronic conditions. There are many patients who get bedridden due to pains in their muscles, joints or due to some other injuries. The pain is so much that they get restricted from doing their regular activities and work. This hampers their daily quality of life and movement.

That is why; many people rely on laser therapy unit for physiotherapy. By using this therapy there are many people who got relief from excruciating pain. Many types of research have come to the conclusion that laser therapy treatment has a success rate of 89 percent. But yes, one has to go for multiple settings of this therapy to get positive results and relief from the pain. According to many physiotherapists, one may take 5 to 6 sittings of this therapy to get cured. But if the intensity of the injury or pain is really deep then one may also take 12 to 15 sittings in order to get relief from pain. But if the injury is caused due to some major accident then the sitting score may rise up to 20.

Now, the question is how this laser therapy works. This is one of the oldest therapy process used in physiotherapy. Since 80’s many therapists have used this therapy to treat a very wide range of conditions. When the light is used to penetrate deep into the skin tissues it is known that this therapy light can reach only a few millimeters under the skin. But with that, it has a huge effect on the process of tissue healing. So, it became a very good way to aid pain relief and also to reduce inflammation by increasing the blood flow to the injured area. It can easily stimulate wound healing and tissue generation by reducing the scarring.

Many researchers have also shown that this laser therapy can be a very powerful thing for the anti-inflammatory purpose and it is almost equally as effective as any proper anti-inflammatory medicines. So one can always go for this therapy rather than popping up some pills.

When it comes to soft tissue injuries or acute chronic injuries, most of the physiotherapists go for this effective laser therapy. It is used mostly to treat diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, tennis elbow injuries, trigger points, osteoarthritis, neck pains, thoracic pains, jaw soreness and any other wound healing.

Apart from treating neck pain, heap problems and shoulder joint pains this therapy can also be used to treat headaches like migraines and repetitive stress injuries like shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome and many more. It also gives relief from work and sports injuries like rotator cuff problems. Tendon tears, frozen shoulder, and tendonitis. It is also used to treat ear infections, foot problems like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

One can always go for portable laser therapy unit as they are easy to carry.

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