What are the Different Types of Pliers and what are Their Uses?

There is no denying the fact that pliers are one of the most popular hand tools. Ever since its inception in the Bronze Age, pliers have become an integral part of our lives. All of us have pliers back at home but we rarely know how different and diverse this simple tool can be.

Let’s take a look.

  • Diagonal Pliers – It is commonly known as wire cutters or flush cut pliers. These pliers are specifically designed to cut wires. The angle edged jaw can easily cut through even the thickest wires. This is why diagonal pliers are used in electrical works.
  • Long-nosed Pliers – Commonly known as needle-nose pliers, these pliers are used for bending and cutting wires. They are very precise due to their elongated nose and so they find a diverse application.
  • C Clip Pliers – They are known by different names such as snap ring pliers, lock ring pliers, and retaining ring pliers. These pliers have short and round jaws. The open-ended loops easily fit into the grooves of any round object. However, it cannot slide in any other directions. C Clip pliers are mostly used for gears in adventure bikes. 
  • Combination Pliers – There is no denying the fact that combination pliers are one of the handiest pliers. These multipurpose tools have widespread applications. There are a gripping surface and a round section which helps in gripping thick objects very easily. 
  • Fencing Pliers – These pliers look incredibly fashionable. It resembles a hammer with a couple of handles. The notches present in the fulcrum helps to cut wires. It can also be used for removing staples. 
  • Linesman Pliers – It is every electrician’s favourite tool. It is an incredibly versatile tool which is commonly used for various electrical works. It can be very easily identified, all thanks to its unique jaws. The shorter gripping surface facilitates easy handling.
  • Locking Pliers – This tool is specifically designed for gripping bolts and nuts. This tool comes in a wide variety with different types of jaws.
  • Oil Filter Pliers – It comes with a pair of C-shaped toothed jaws. As the name suggests, they are mostly used in the automobile industry for removing oil casings. 
  • Running Pliers – This is another versatile pliers which can make a break along delicate lines in the glass, all thanks to their wide-tipped jaws. The jaws can be adjusted to ensure appropriate alignment for different applications.
  • Wire Twisting Pliers – This is another tool which electricians worldwide are fond of. These types of pliers have really short jaws and run by a cylindrical mechanism. It is very handy when it comes to twisting any kind of wires. This is why they are intensively used by electricians.
  • Fishing Pliers – Most people know this by the name of split ring pliers. It has a low jaw and a hooked tip which acts as a wedge. It is commonly used in the creation of keyrings. 
  • Push and Pin Pliers – The jaw of these pliers resemble a wedge which helps in making to and fro movement. It is used in various kinds of automotive works.

Finding the Right Pliers 

There are so many different types of pliers. However, finding the right one is no longer a challenge. We know that different pliers have different applications and we just cannot have all of them. While combination pliers are handy to have, for others, it is more like when the situation demands. You can simply buy top quality pliers online. The e-commerce sites are jam-packed with A-grade pliers manufactured by some of the most famous brands such as TATA.