What Are Some Best Trampoline Games

Do you remember, in your childhood when you jumped over a cloth-like surface and it pushed you high up in the sky? That thing is known as a trampoline. Trampoline is usually made from a piece of stretch fabric which is covered by a steel frame and beneath it are coiled springs. Jumping on a trampoline can be fun as well as exciting. There is no age limit as to who can play on a trampoline, as long as the fabric of the trampoline permits. The desire to jump and play on a trampoline has no end.

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Apart from enjoyment, the trampoline has some serious health benefits too. Exercising on a trampoline can provide you more benefits as compared to running or jogging. It helps in reducing the body fat and strengthening the body parts such as the arms, legs, hips, and thighs. It also helps the blood to keep on flowing through the body. Here, we will talk about different types of games which you can play on a trampoline. Trampoline Park is the best place to play these games. They will also help your body to exercise without even letting your body know that you are actually exercising by means of playing.

Dead Man

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Deadman is quite an exciting game. Before playing this game, you should keep in mind to surround the trampoline with a net as a safety measure so that nobody from the players falls down while they are playing. The dead man is usually played between two or three players. More players can join depending upon the size of the trampoline. Trampoline games do not have any definite set of rules. They are made and modified by the players.

In this game, one person becomes the “dead man”. Considering you are the “dead man”, you need to sit or lie down at the center of the trampoline with your eyes closed. Then you need to countdown from a certain number. Usually, the number is 10. After you finish counting, you need to touch the other players who would be moving and jumping on the trampoline. You need to touch any one of them by keeping your eyes closed and by crawling. After you touch one player, the round ends and then it is the turn of the other player to be the “dead man”.

Crack the egg

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The rules of this game are not difficult. All you need to do is to be at the center of the trampoline, with your knees pulled up against your chest and tucking down your chin with your hands around your knees. By doing this, you become the “egg”. A minimum of two players are required to play this game but more the number of players the more will be the fun and excitement.

In the Trampoline Park after you become the “egg”, or rather after sitting in the form of an egg, the other players will jump around you. They will continue jumping as long as you don’t open up your arms or you “crack” down. The other player then becomes the egg and the remaining players will jump around as long as they don’t “crack the egg”. Proper safety measures should be taken so that there are no injuries taking place while playing this game.

Bouncing Balls

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This game is also about jumping around. This game is played using a ball. The ball should be able to keep on jumping on the trampoline. There is no limit to the number of players who can play this game at a time. The basic rule of this game is to throw the ball upwards and then try to avoid the ball as much as possible. The ball needs to be jumping on the trampoline, as the players keep on jumping around it. If a player touches the ball, then he/she is eliminated. The last person standing with the ball still on the trampoline is the winner. To make the game more exciting, more than one ball can be used. These games should be played using adequate safety measures. These games should be played on a trampoline which is enclosed by a safety net.


Bounce game can be indirectly termed as a face off. As like all trampoline games, this game is also simple. In this game, you need to stand in the middle and fall down directly on your bottom and start bouncing. You need to bounce on your bottom at the middle of the trampoline without using your hand and you need to do it as many consecutive times as you can. The person who comes next after you needs to surpass the score that you have set. If he succeeds, then the person after him will try to break the previous record and so on. If the next player after you are unable to surpass your record, then the next player after him will try to break your record. In this way, the whole game goes on. If no one can surpass your score, then you are termed the winner of the game. Then you move out and the game is played among the remaining players.


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Playing games on the trampoline can be thrilling but if proper safety is ignored then it may prove to be dangerous at times. Proper safety measures should be taken such as surrounding the trampoline with nets. Players should also take care of themselves if possible by not jumping near the end of the trampoline.

In many parts of the country, trampoline exercise has become very common as they have various health benefits. There are various trampoline parks all over the world, in which you can jump around and play all the different kind of trampoline games that you know. Trampoline Park takes the necessary measures such as surrounding the trampoline with safety nets so that any people who are playing on the trampoline do not fall outside the trampoline and get hurt. It is important to play but it is even more important to take care of you and maintain the safety first. As a player, you should also know about all the precautions that you need to take before playing on the trampoline.