Video Interviews : Making Interview Procedure Dxterous

With the increasing number of job seekers and a diverse talent pool, the recruitment committee has to look for efficient methods to find the right candidate. No longer the interview means having to go far off places with no surety of being selected. Hiring committees are adopting various efficient and effective means to ease up the recruitment process for themselves as well as for the potential candidates like screening through telephone, emails, etc. The latest tool to join the evolving hiring process is the video interviewing.

A video interview can take place either through Skype wherein the hiring team interviews the potential candidates. Another method for conducting an interview is where the hiring committee sets the timer as well as questions, and the candidate has to answer them in the set time and


  • No one likes having to travel to another part of the country or the world without any surety of positive results. Not every candidate who fills out the form and gets shortlisted lives in the same city as the organization. Doing video interviews helps the candidate in giving them the opportunity to talk about their job-related skills and show their proficiency without wasting any time on traveling. It also makes a face to face interview process more refined, thereby helping the candidate as well as the hiring team.
  • The video interview is a cost-effective method. It saves candidates time and money otherwise wasted in traveling. Since there are norms of companies having to cover the travel expense for the candidates that are traveling for the interview, a video interview helps in saving company‚Äôs money.
  • Earlier because many candidates were unable to go certain places to appear for the interview, they would lose the opportunity to showcase their skills and land their dream job. Similarly, employers lose a worthy candidate. With video interviewing, every job seekers have the, and the hiring team finds it easy to shortlist candidate for further screening.
  • Video interviews help in tracking the performance of candidates. Since for a specific designation, the hiring committee looks for a particular set of skills. By conducting and recording the video interviews, the hiring manager can easily select the candidates that have the knowledge and potential.
  • Some job seekers are people who are already employed somewhere but are also looking for a better financial and work prospects. Owing to their tight schedule, they cannot travel now and then. Hence video interview helps them in keeping their options open in the comfort of their home.
  • With recorded video interviews, comes a set of predetermined question. The hiring committee has only to judge the candidates by their answers to these question. This lead to a consistency in the recruitment process.
  • Since question set given to each candidate is automated and identical, the possibility of any discrimination; racial, gender; geographical gets eliminated.
  • The world is changing, and people need to be abreast with the latest technology. The hold of a candidate over technology can be assessed through video interviewing which will help the employer in realizing whether or not the candidate will the candidate perform the technology-related task efficiently if needed.

Video interview process is being hailed as the future of recruitment and is being adopted as the step before a face-to-face interview to reduce the long hours and hassle considerably. This procedure is beneficial to the interviewer as well as the candidates. Hiring managers, as well as the job seekers, can seek the help of online application assistance services that will give them a detailed intel on comprehensively automated video interviews.

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