Use Linux for the Cheapest Website Builder in India

When you are looking for the cheapest website builder in India, always go for Linux. If you are new to web hosting, here is everything about Linux explained for you, with reference to Windows.

But first let us learn about virtual Private servers.

Going for VPS

Virtual private servers are somewhere between shared servers and dedicated servers. As dedicated servers are expensive, virtual servers act as shared dedicated servers so that the cost comes down but you get the same benefits.

Virtual servers are physical servers that are further divided into compartments one can host their website on. You alone will have all the control over the segment you rented. However, other people are sharing a part of that server simultaneously.

Virtual private servers provide you with high bandwidth and a huge storage that doesn’t let you miss out on the perks of a dedicated server. It also provides you with basic tools and plug-ins like Google Analytics and AdWords used in search engine optimization.

Virtual private servers also have a high end security system, that protects user data and transaction records. Virtual private servers keep a track of incoming traffic via analytics and provides you with all the necessary demographics so that you know what kind of people are mostly interested in your website. What kind of device they use, what broadband they use, what time around the day they visit the site, you will find out this and many more details with these services.

Good unlimited email hosting services are provided by virtual private servers that help in content marketing and managing a better relationship with your customers in the long run.

Linux or Windows

VPS usually runs in two operating system platforms- Linux and Windows. Linux is way cheaper than Windows virtual private servers because it is an open source network. You don’t have to pay for any registration fee to avail Linux. This is how you get cheap Linux VPS hosting.

Linux also provides flexibility. The control panels are easy to use along with all the provided tools. In Windows you’ll have to buy most of the basic plugins as well. This is why software developers and website designers prefer working with Linux over Windows. Also, cPanel is compatible with Linux, which makes it the best option for developers and programmers to work on.

Linux is open source. That means it is very tough in security. Viruses and spam bots are very rare in Linux. On the other hand, you’ll have to buy plethora of antivirus programs and anti spyware for Windows. Not only is Linux covered for security, the security updates are reliable and timely as well.

However, there are some perks of having Windows virtual private servers as well. Interface of Windows virtual private server is very user friendly. Especially, if you are a long term Windows user.

If your company is dealing with Windows products, then it is better to have a Windows service to test software and understand troubleshooting. Websites, specially built with ASP. NET requires a Windows sever.

Server management is much more efficient in Windows than Linux. Remote desktop access is much broader in Windows than in Linux. This means that you can access your virtual private servers from anywhere. This is very difficult in Linux as it requires SSH protocols.


It is very difficult to integrate new software in Google as you have to do almost everything from scratch. With cheap Linux VPS hosting, these software products are provided from the beginning. Linux provides these simple efficient software systems for free and the accessibility of Linux also makes it very easy to understand.

Windows tech supports platforms like VB.NET, ASP. NET, whereas in Linux platforms like LAMP (Linux apache mySQL PHP) are run.

Linux is a lot more diversified when it comes to programming language. Programming languages like PHP runs smoothly on Linux. Windows isn’t a great platform when it comes to programming on open source languages.


Linux has no licensing cost unlike Windows. Database support in Linux is much more varied than in Windows. Popular web hosting providers like MySQL, Postgre SQL are run on Linux, whereas in Windows, only Microsoft access and MS SQL databases can be harboured.

Which is the easiest to use?

Linux virtual private servers are definitely much easier to use as it gives plethora of customization and accessibility options. If you are a developer you can work on different languages like PHP/perl, ROR, Java, Python, SSH, front page extensions and CGI. Whereas Windows is only limited to ASP classic, ASP.NET, MySQL and Microsoft access.

Root access in Linux is also better, it gives you full control of your website as it has a very functional cPanel which lacks in Windows virtual private servers. With Linux, you will be able to make things work with even the cheapest website builder in India.