Types Of Packaging Boxes

Packaging boxes are an important part of any business. Designing the layout of the packaging box happens to be imperative for the brand as it is the brand’s first visibility in the market and to the customers. However, along with the visibility, the strength, durability and the sizes of these boxes also happens to be very important.

When a company places orders to buy cartons in Swindon and buy cartons in Bristol for the purpose of packaging and carrying a volume or bulk of items, the aspects of the size and durability often becomes all the more important and crucial for the company.

There are different types of such carton boxes that are available when you come buy cartons in Swindon and buy cartons in Bristol. Some of them are as below mentioned.

Corrugated Boxes – These are the basic large size boxes that are highly suitable for carrying a large volume of items from one place to another. They can be considered to be the most suitable boxes that can be used for the transporting items and goods from one place to another. These boxes often come in light brown colors and are rather strong. They come in different sizes but most of them come in large bulks and volumes and hence can pack a large number of items.

Rigid Boxes – These are the showy cartons that can be used to contain nay precious and expensive items. These items can be apparel or can even be electronic items like mobile phones. In most cases these rigid boxes come with a shiny outer cover, hence they are perfect for packaging and delivering to the end or the final customers.

Foldable Cartons – Next in line are the foldable cartons. Brands and companies can often look for such order and buy such cartons in Swindon and buy such cartons in Bristol. They are simple, often soft enough to be compressed but hard enough to carry a certain weight. These are the boxes that can be used to store and move items and commodities and also deliver them to the final customers and patrons of the brand. They often come in a white color; however, they can also have prints and images on them.


When we talk of cartons, it must be remembered that there is a fourth member, the soft paper bags that are often used to contain softer items like food items and bakeries. Brands pace their orders on the basis of their requirements. However, it is mandatory that the brand must collect their orders with care and proper inspection so that they do not have to face any hassles in the later times.