Trending MBA Specialisation After Graduation In Commerce, Arts, Science

Choosing a specialisation is a confusing task for students opting for the MBA course in Bangalore. The Master of Business Administration course has always been a hot favorite. But, selecting the right specialisation is a tricky endeavor. Students will have to consider different factors in this process.

The first and foremost factor is, of course, the field in which they have their degree. Some branches of MBA are the ideal for students with commerce background. In the same way, some are ideal for students with a science background. Also, students should consider their career goal. It is yet another crucial factor to determine the specialisation. Here is a guide given by Career Counselor Mr. Mukesh Maheshwari to the options available for students from a different background.

For Students from Commerce Background:

Have you completed your Bachelor of Commerce? Then, you should carefully choose an MBA specialisation based on your career goal. Of course, you should also consider your area of interest in selecting the right branch. If you have a great interest in financial issues, you should choose an MBA in Finance. It is one of the most prominent branches of MBA for commerce graduates. If your core interest is Human Resource Management, then you should go for an MBA in HR. Are you interested in marketing? Then, you can get the right foundation for a marketing career with an MBA in Marketing Management. Let us consider that interest relies on financial markets. Then, you can choose an MBA in Financial Markets Practice.

Are you aiming at setting up your own business? Then, you should choose MBA in International Business or a General MBA will also help. If you wish to gain knowledge in operations management, you can go for an MBA in operations. The good thing is that you can do MBA with dual specialisations as well. For instance, if you love marketing and finance, you can choose both these branches.

For students from Arts Background:

If you have completed your Bachelors in Arts, you can go for MBA. When it comes to the choice of the syllabus, you should again identify your interests. You should know, whether you are an analysis driven person, research-driven person. Even, you can be a social-driven person or people-oriented individually. You should choose the branch of MBA accordingly. Even, some are documentation-driven individuals as well. MBA in Marketing can be the ideal choice for a BA graduate. Even, an MBA in Human Resource Management will help. Also, an MBA in operations management suit students with BA. It all relies on your personal interests for sure.

For Students from Science Background:

Earlier, it was taught that MBA is only for students from arts and commerce background. But, now, new branches of MBA emerge for students from the science background. If you have graduated with Bachelor of Science, you can go for an MBA in Biotechnology and life sciences.

Final thoughts:

Regardless of your background, you should not do an MBA just for the sake of doing. You should remember that it is truly a value-addition to your resume. You should focus on developing your skills when you take your management education. For instance, it will help you bring positive changes. You will see good changes in your thinking, perception, and behavior. Of course, your attitude when dealing with people will change.

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