Travelling To South India: An Experience Of a Lifetime

India is one of the most secular and diverse countries in the world. When one hears the word culture, the
first thought that comes to people’s minds is that of the nation of India. It is one of the very cradles of
modern civilizations and with deeply rooted history; it is a place worth the visit. One of the most dynamic
and different parts of India is the South. Here it is as if the cultures take a massive divide and the
differences between the two parts are more evident than anything.

Language is an important facet of this divide, it is almost as if the languages in the south are completely
alien from that of North Indian languages, yet they share a common origin. Apart from the vastly
divergent languages, their culture is something which can only be experienced and unexplainable through
words. There are a great many cultural spots and sights to visit. Wildlife and flora are aplenty, with
mountain ranges flanking each side of the peninsula, there is also a very unique biome in the region. It
makes for some of the most stunning sights in the country.

Places such as Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are one of the most visited tourist spots in the world.
Karnataka is home to places such as Hampi, various national parks, and the Western Ghats. Its industrial
cities are also worth a visit and give an insight into life in the region. It is also home to the Silicon Valley
of India, Bangalore. Kerala is home to some of the most beautiful backwaters in the country, surrounded
by palm trees and forests these are some of the best sights in the whole country. There are also a ton of
beaches in the area. Tamil Nadu has some of the best hill stations in the country and is also home to
numerous temples. Chennai the capital city is also one of the most visited cities in the country.

Some of the most pristine beaches and forests are spread across the region. The best part of the region is the connectivity via air. Flights make for the easiest mode of travel and with a host of budget options available, one can find flights from almost anywhere. One of the well-traveled routes is the New Delhi to Chennai route, and there are many flights which operate more than 5 flights daily. One just needs to check the Delhi to Chennai flight schedule in order to find a suitable timing suited to them. With a host of budget airlines, one can find many budget options.

The enchanting south is a place filled with wonder. There are many places worth a visit and can be a
fulfilling experience, for many travelers. There are many tours and treks in the region and can be breath-
taking and awe-inspiring. With flights being readily available and the connectivity just set to increase
over time, it is only set to get cheaper. So one should not prolong their visit and immediately hop on to
explore the wonders of the south.