Travel Around the Morocco Transport Make It Easy

In Morocco’s major cities are developed with international and national airports. The Rabat-Salé Airport, Marrakech Menara Airport, the Mohammed V International Airport outside of Casablanca and other airports are in Agadir, Nador, and Tangier. Worldwide tourism flights in Morocco through these advanced international airports. For entering into the land of Spain, expats use the ferry transportation system. A number of private companies in Morocco offer their frequent services to Tarifa, Algeciras, and Gibraltar to Tangier or Ceuta.

Trains and Buses:

In Morocco, ONCF is the train company that offers its services while traveling among most of Morocco’s largest cities. Generally reliable and safe but usually can be crowded because of tourist’s majority. The trains are the safest and most comfortable way of traveling in the whole Morocco cities.

Most of the people make sure that they get a first-class or second-class ticket because only in these train classes you will be able to get a reserved seat. These train cars will usually be clean and air-conditioned.  By paying 200 MAD for an eight-hour trip, you can reach from Fes to Marrakech in second class. Not more than 300 MAD will be spent for a train ticket and does not cost too much than this generally.

Among major cities, buses are another form of a transportation system which can be used easily. To get a taste of local culture, traveling by bus is a good way but they are usually congested and overcrowded. Tickets for intercity destinations are quite cheap than other city tickets and can be purchased only at the station. CTM (Compagnie de Transports Marocains) is a great company with excellent services of transportation and also conveniently connected with the train services. Another company is Supratours that operates along the southwestern and northern coasts. Fes to Marrakech, it usually costs around 160 MA for a nine-hour trip but a Premium ticket can be got in a 350 MAD.

Taxis and Cars:

Another public transportation system for traveling is grand and petit taxis. A group of six people can easily tighten up in a grand taxis while traveling between cities. Holding up to three passengers, petit taxis are inter-city transport services with proper negotiation. Grand taxis get a reasonable fare at the before traveling to the destination while Petit taxis usually receive their bill with respect to distance meters then charge to the passenger for the fare.

Traveling within the city, petit taxis usually charge 20 MAD maximum. For a grand taxi, the fare is not fixed but all that passengers can do is that they show their negotiation skills and deal with the grand taxi driver.

Having your own car either you rented it or personally owned, it will be more mobile and flexible for you. This can be a dangerous transport option, however, as the driving style is often quite disordered. Freeways link the cities like Fez, Tangier, Marrakech, Casablanca, and Rabat, all links are quite modern and good to drive but in the ruler areas, the condition of roads are very poor.  For up to one year, foreign driver’s licenses are legal in Morocco and for permanent application, after one-year expats can apply.

Visitors get taxis and their own rented cars in Morocco holidays while traveling among different linked cities. To get the enjoyment of the cultural cities of Morocco, all you need to go there and have great amusement in Morocco holidays, nearly in cool spring season.

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