Top 6 tips and tricks to master the interview for fresher

Finding a job for a fresher? It is definitely a tough job to get the one. Even the candidates with the years of experience behind are lagging behind when it comes to land a job. So, fresher is completely new in this process. In this competitive era, many companies are interested in hiring fresher. They have specific requirements for them and are willing to give them a chance. Fresher seeking jobs should keep in mind to apply only for the companies which welcome them.

The interview is the very first stage of getting a job. The candidates appearing for the interview, especially a fresher, need to prepare and practice. It is common for the fresher to have a mixed emotion of excitement, anticipations, and nervousness when they are facing it for the first time. In order to release the pressure, you have to practice interview questions available online and from the books in the related field. Other than questions you have to pay attention to yourself and know how to present yourself in front of the interviewer? Here are some interview tips which help you ace and get the job:

  • Create your resume: An effective resume which is considered as the entry ticket to get the job. You have to give time and efforts in creating an impressive CV. It should be written properly without any grammatical errors. Highlight your skills and educational qualifications so that the employer understands you better. Always carry an extra copy of the resume.
  • Research about the company: It is important for the candidates to know about the company which you are applying. It shows the seriousness of yours towards the job and increases your chances of getting the job. Collect the necessary information and knowledge about the company’s policies and background. All of this is available on the official website and read its history, aims, and mission. It will also help in preparing for the interview questions.
  • Dress to impress: Choose professional outfits while appearing for the interview. You can choose according to the profession such as if you are attending technical interview wear formals and if you are entering into art and creative field, prefer casual wear. Avoid too much makeup and accessories. Just remember this quote “the first impression is the last impression” and work accordingly.
  • Reach before time: Make sure you reach on time, not too early or nor too late. It will show that you are over enthusiastic or will depict your casual attitude towards job respectively. Entering late in the hall is no excuse and it will badly or negatively impact on the employer. Reaching 10 minutes before scheduled time is necessary for every candidate.
  • Make an eye contact throughout the interview: Having an eye contact is the strongest form of nonverbal communication and shows the confidence level of the aspirant. Nervousness is common in the interviews but to overcome this, make an eye contact with the interviewers. It will definitely help you ease the stress and able to answer the questions in a frank manner.
  • Maintain body posture: A candidate should maintain good body posture when the interview is going on. Do not lean on the chair and avoid sitting with crossed legs. It will reflect your personality and eagerness. Sit straight and maintain body language.

Implementing these tips and tricks will surely help you get the fresher jobs in the Philippines and securing your position in the company which you desired for. While preparing for the interview, do upload your resume on various job portals like Monster Philippines, Indeed and others. These tips will help everyone especially fresher to ace the interview.