Top 5 Social Media practices For Boosting SEO in 2018

In today digital world, it is impossible to ignore SEO and Social Media to boost traffic. There is a close relationship between Search engine ranking and effective social media marketing. Every person is active on social media today; with the increased social media presence it leaves a great impact on search engine ranking and helps in increasing the traffic.

Social media is an integral part of boosting SEO. The following social media practices are ideally invaluable when it comes to stepping up your SEO campaigns.

    1. Increasing the number of Followers: It is true that a brand that has many shares on social media and twitter is more likely to have a higher ranking in SERP. Page ranking is strongly influenced by the number of followers. So, social media helps in increasing the followers by providing them relevant information. You can set up your social media campaign to grow your social media followers it can be a great effort for SEO campaign. You can also buy followers and the safer approach would be building your following is to enhance the popularity of the brand. Publish relevant content consistently and continue to increase to reach the target audience.
    2. Enhancing brand Awareness: Brand popularity, awareness has a positive correlation with the outcomes of SEO campaigns. Provide the full information to your visitors about your brand and also aware them about every pros and con. This will help you in building the strong company reputation. Increase the number of visitors to your website, which is SEO’s ultimate goal.
    3. Encourage Social Shares: Social media also helpful in increasing the social shares. By increasing your social sharing you can run a successful SEO campaign. The more content you share the more visitors you get. The result has increased the popularity of the brand among consumers and this affects SEO in a positive way. Frequent and relevant posting is essential in order to get the new visitors to your website.
    4. Promoting External Links to External Websites: Link building is the most important aspect of SEO and social media is act as a powerful tool for enhancing the inbound links. Sharing content links on social media gives value to your links and strengthens your link value.
    5. Optimizing Your Social Media Posts for Search: Regular publishing of posts, sharing on social media will give you some additional benefits. This is a strategy that helps in knowing that your posts are read by the right people. The posts can be a blog, article, video or image but optimizing the contents on social media always has a positive effect on searches.


Social media provides extra benefit and helps in increasing the ranking on SERP. The relation between SEO and Social media marketing is undeniable. The one who makes an effort for promoting the website through SEO also needs to adopt social media strategies.

With the increasing need for business career opportunities in the field of SEO is also increased. Candidates can make their career by grabbing SEO jobs opportunities in any of the big reputed organization. Start your career in this advanced, growing field and give a boost to your career.

Khushboo Setiya

khushboo Setiya

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