Thoroughly Examine Your Hosting Service Providers Before Hiring

Are you taking your business online? Are you trying to make your website go commercial? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, you have some investments to look forward to. You have an investment in web hosting, and in web security to begin with. If you haven’t already started looking into web hosting service providers and the array of options it provides, start now. This isn’t something you can check out in a day and purchase immediately.

There are way too many factors that need to be considered in order to determine which web host is best for you and what kind of domain you should take if you are about to make a switch. You need to make a number of changes to go to full commercial. There are many things to upgrade and some more to add to your website kit.

Here are some questions about web hosting that you must be thinking of. If you don’t already have an answer, if contradicting opinions all over the internet and from real people are confusing you, you need this.

What is a hosting service?

Hosting service is a business that provides you with the feature, tools and speed that allows you to have a website online and start a digital business. These websites are hosted in special computers called servers in a data centre. Hosting service providers provides you with domain name, security, marketing tools, customization and control.

How many types of hosting services are there?

There are many kind of hosting services you can choose from:

Shared hosting– This is an entry level service you can opt for if you are starting a new business online and expecting less traffic influx. Shared hosting servers use servers that are shared between many clients all across the globe. That means your website is hosted alongside other websites and all the data and information are stored in the same server.

Virtual Private Server– VPS is a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting. A virtual private server is a physical server that resides in a data centre. It has its own operating system, security, disc space, and bandwidth.

The physical server is compartmentalized into different spaces which act as virtual servers. The servers can be customized, personalized, and rebooted. It feels like using a dedicated server, only cheaper.

Dedicated server– Dedicated hosting consists of a physical server that is reserved for a particular business only. That means full control to the business buying a dedicated server.

A humongous amount of data and high bandwidth is consistent in dedicated servers, unlimited email accounts for email hosting, unlimited customization, and full control are the benefits available in dedicated servers.

Which hosting is the right one for me?

This entirely depends on the type of business or the stage of development the business is in. If you have a small business trying to make a mark in the digital world, it is better to go for shared services. It will provide you with the required number of services that will allow you to carry out basic functions. Shared services have limited storage and bandwidth, but it is good for starters.

Virtual private server is good for businesses experiencing decent traffic quickly, these servers will allow you to have a lot of space and bandwidth. It will also allow you to carry out transactions with your clients.

Dedicated servers are good for independent high income businesses. If you are a big shot company, here to carry out transactions and collect user data, dedicated servers allow high storage and bandwidth. Dedicated servers allows these big businesses to thrive as it allows customization and full control of the server. They are also most secure because there is no external handler.

What is Cloudflare hosting?

Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN) passed on through different servers to protect websites and accelerate them. Cloudflare hosting act as a proxy between clients and other hosting servers. Cloudflare helps the host servers with security, faster page load time, bandwidth, and control.

How long can I go without paying for a web host?

Most of the hosting websites have a trial period of one month, after that you’ll have to pay.

What is the difference between Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting?

A cloud hosting hosts your websites on a cloud computing platform, as in it isn’t stored in any physical facility but virtual. It provides better security, auto-back up and faster speed.

A dedicated hosting is a physical server that provides a platform to your business online. Dedicated servers provide high storage and faster bandwidth.  It also provides you with all the tools, control, and security a website needs. Cloud hosting is a virtual server whereas dedicated hosting is a physical server.

What do I need to know before hiring a hosting service provider?

You should know the plugins provided by a service provider, the customizable options, and everything about the control panel. You should know about the monthly and yearly plan and how it will benefit you. Make sure your plan is upgradable. Also, look out for false promises in the marketing strategies. Ask for a detailed brief on every point of claim you find too good to be true. For example, ‘unmetered bandwidth’ and ‘unlimited storage’.

Are hosting service providers safe?

Hosting servers are absolutely safe. As you upgrade and your data increases the hosting services gets stronger in the matter of security. DDoS security, control panel, and privacy policies make these hosting services safe and easy to use. Even shared hosting is safe enough even though it is cheap. If you are looking for the basic security of your web pages, just get off the free web hosts and start investing in any of the paid web host types.