The Ultimate List of College Essay Topics to Write about in 2018

Have an essay to submit and have no topic in the head, fret not because we have got you all covered

  • The possibilities of a life without rules

Ever wondered how beautiful life would be if there were no rules. Sure rules are made for our betterment and discipline but they can be quite boring and backbreaking, and to be honest, who does not want to do whatever he wishes to? As humans, we feel bound by rules in many areas. Want to pursue higher education but have no job. Want to travel the world but not enough money. Want to eat everything but strict dieticians and their instructions. So many wants and so many buts. One needs to throw the rulebook once in a while and live his life freely.

  • Using animals for scientific experiments

How many times one hears of an experiment conducted on humans. The answer is, rarely. Most of the experiments are conducted on animals. It is not only essential but also beneficial to bring advancements for the cure of life-threatening diseases. However, the real question is, is it ethical to bring this suffering on animals? Is there no other way out? With the pain and suffering inflicted on animals, is it not possible to develop alternatives for conducting scientific experiments?

  • The superpower you want to have

The possibilities of life are endless. This idea exists only in our brains. Of course, there are certain limitations as a human and the competencies boundaries we withhold. A person could not be gifted with all the intellect and powers, no matter how much one wishes for it. But if the humans are given the choice to have a superpower, what would it be? It is not hard to imagine the fantasies of a life with a supreme power of your choice.

  • Are the social media platforms really improving communication skills?

Communication is the need of time. No one survives without interacting with others. The most prominent communicating features are Facebook and Twitter with the highest numbers of followers. With the increasing usage of these apps which promises greater communication, the question arises for its real meanings. Is it true that social media is really enhancing communication or is it just a mere tool of time wastage and resource misallocation? Are the minds being attentive or being exploited? What’s your take on this situation?

  • Paper books v/s e-books

The modern era is built on the principle of convenience and ease. Books are a great example of this. Previously people tend to have hard copies of the books and novels they wanted to read. This has now changed with e-books and soft copies, which is a more flexible option. Most people are obsessed with a paper book despite the benefits that come with an e-book like access to the easy carriage, better storage, brightness, and font flexibilities etc. Although both the options have their own benefits, there always goes a tremendous debate on which is a more preferred option.

  • The excess use of video games

Video games are a great tool for fun time, especially for younger kids. Who would possibly want a grumbling crying baby and no minute of ease? No one for sure. Mothers are provided with greater flexibility when their kids are silently playing and they can finish off their chores, socialize, and take a nap. But the effects it produces on kids are devastating. Making them more aggressive and socially isolated, video games are the reason they cannot communicate with others and are deprived of serious health disorders.

  • Are robots replacing human workforce?

Technology is at its best. This is proved by introducing robotic workforce in many countries and the trend is continuing to grow. Robots have already taken down the human labor force and have shifted the industries towards capital intensity. This has induced lower wages and labor expenses. But the negative side has emerged in the form of decreased employment rate and the incompetence to meet the needs of humans. The standard of living is exposed to threats and humans are made bound to work on incompetent jobs just to make ends meet.

Wrapping it up:

These are some of the essay topics, which can assist you in your academic ventures. However, if the time is ticking fast and you have got no time to pen down it, get help from an online essay writing to finish the task in an efficient manner.