The ultimate guide you need before tile installation

Since tiles have become an essential part of the home decor, you have to be quite choosy and pick the right designs matching your personality and decor theme. You have a million tile options available in the market but which one to choose is the tricky part. To help ease your stress, here is the ultimate guide you need to read before tile installation.

Why choose tiles?

The very first question that needs to be answered here is that why should you get tiles installed. Tiles are must-haves for your kitchen and bathroom. Tiles are easy to maintain and also act as water absorbents which prevents the wall from any damage. Tiles are super easy to clean and they also prevent the build-up of dust allergies, unlike carpets. They are quite durable and need not be changed every year which helps you save a lot of money. They also offer superior designs which contributes to the overall theme of the house.

Should you opt for natural stone tiles?

Marble, Granite and Quartz tiles are the most popular natural stone tiles because they give a rough finish which looks breathtaking as kitchen and bathroom tops and also for flooring. Since the engineered stones are gaining much popularity, they are available in a variety of styles and colours as per your requirements. The tilers near me have suggested for opt for them as they are sturdy, durable and are in for the long haul.

Why is Ceramic so popular?

Ceramic tiles are all over the place these days. Since they offer a variety of patterns, textures and colours to your aid, they are highly preferred these days. They are perfect for any room and for wall and floor both. They are durable and look gorgeous when used for indoor use but since they are not water resistant, they are not suitable for outdoor use.

How to determine the tile size?

Tiles are available in a variety of sizes and before you start the installation, it is important that you determine the different sizes that you will be needing for different spaces. Since large tiles make a small room look bigger, you should opt for big tiles for small rooms to give it a streamlined look. However, if you use large tiles in tight spaces, it will give a rough finish with cut out edges, so it’s better to avoid that scenario. You can use smaller or medium sized tiles for a more intricate design.

What are the different variety of tiles?

Tilers near me informed me about a wide variety of tiles which one can use for installation. There are some tiles which are produced for floors and walls respectively and should not be used in other places. Tiles meant for walls can’t withstand much load and since floor tiles are sturdy, it can solve both purposes. Some of the most popular tile styles which you can opt for your home are ceramic, cement, victorian, porcelain, natural stones and more.  

What sort of grout should you choose?

Grout plays an important role in tile installation and therefore choosing the right grout will make a lot of difference. You can opt for epoxy based grout as it does not need to be sealed every year which saves you a lot of money on labour and product. Aside from this, you can opt for cross- linking technology grout which will keep the growth of mildew and mold at bay. This grout glows in the dark, has all the great features for epoxy grout and is easy to install as well which makes it the best choice.

Since tiles have gained popularity in the market and are available in a variety of patterns such as 3D tiles, make sure that you use the above mentioned points and invest your money wisely in tiles as they are durable and last long and need not be changed every year.