Surgical Prep Razors Make for a Successful Surgery

Prepping a patient for surgery usually involves shaving areas where incisions are to be made. It is important to remove anything that might obstruct their view according to some surgeons. To eliminate bacteria that cling to the hair and can contaminate the surgical site, this is a highly recommended step.

When prepping the skin for surgery, care or testing, surgical Prep Razors are required and are a must. Similarly razors blades for tattoo are necessary when getting a tattoo made. These razors are a necessary and convenient tool in surgical preparation and come in handy as single-sided blades, double-sided blades or disposable prep razors. To help reduce skin irritation and avoid surgical site infections these razors offer all the sharpness and safety. Offering a clean-close and sterile shave for everyday shaving surgical preparation, their polished blades are soft on the skin.

The Razorex Disposable Prep Razor:

Encompassing the healthcare sector’s requirements for a high standard of safety and hygiene for pre-operational procedures, the functional and unique design of the Razorex Skin Prep Razor is a revolution in itself. The handle is positioned in front of the blade, allowing the razor to smoothly glide over the skin, without the need for any pressure and thus minimizing the risk of cuts.  Apart from the surgical prep razor, the razor blades for tattoo are also manufactured today by leading companies.

Key product features of the razor:

Perfect Grip and Full Control

Giving you a controlled view of the area being prepared, the ribbed handle ensures a steady and efficient grip of the razor.

The Contour of the Body

The razor smoothly follows the natural contours of the body. The procedure, therefore, becomes safer and more efficient than traditional razors.

Quality Ensures the Results

The razor blade is made of platinum coated quality stainless steel. Allows the high-quality blade to smoothly shave close to the skin without creating skin irritations or cuts is the slight fingertip pressure which is all you need here.


Specially designed to keep a clean blade, without being clogged up by foam or hair is the comb located close to the blade.

Safe Handling

To ensure that the razor, for hygienic reasons, cannot be re-used, the blade part of the razor can be snapped off and separated from the handle by a slight vertical pressure.

Lightweight and compact.


How shaving body hair helps during surgery:

It is important to remove body hair from the area of the surgical incision to reduce the chance of any kind of infection and further complications. When people are being prepared for surgery, this is a crucial step which is not to be missed. To reduce the chance of the surgical site becoming infected, traditionally people undergoing surgery have body hair removed from the intended surgical wound site with the help of a disposable prep razor. Shaving with a razor, clipping with clippers and using a cream which dissolves the hair are the three methods of hair removal currently being used in procedures. However, it is necessary to take all precautions here in order to avoid any kind of infection during or after the surgery when using good-quality razors as well.

Some necessary tips to prevent surgical site infections:

  • Quit smoking. Patients who smoke get more infections.
  • Before your surgery, discuss other health problems, such as diabetes, with your doctor. It should not be ignored as these issues can affect your treatment.
  • If your doctor recommends using a special soap before surgery, make sure you do so without any hesitation or further questions. Always follow your doctor’s instructions for cleaning your skin before your surgery.
  • Avoid shaving near where you will have surgery. Shaving with an infected razor can irritate your skin and make it easier to develop an infection. If someone tries to shave you before surgery, ask why this is necessary and make sure only a new and good-quality razor is used.

Why us?

Engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a qualitative assortment of Surgical Prep Razors, we are a prominent industry trusted amongst doctors and leading surgeons. Offered products are widely demanded for the purpose of removing unwanted hair from the patient’s body. We manufacture Disposable Prep Razor with high-quality materials used by all leading hospitals and top-rated surgeons. We use the best quality of blades available in India. We manufacture these products using a high-grade quality raw material, procured from authentic vendors of the market and make these razors available to the clients at leading prices in the market.

We make these products available to the customers at leading prices in the market and in varied specifications, in order to serve our clients in the most effective manner.

Highlights of our razors:

  • Robust
  • Sturdy
  • Efficient working life


  • Material: stainless/import stainless steel/latex free material
  • Competitive price

It is not shocking to note that the disposable prep razor is a must as a surgical and procedural prep instrument during surgeries. Requiring only one razor per procedure, these razors are individually packaged, manufactured of stainless steel, and are safe and effective. Stock up on these affordable razors.