Step Into the World of Blockchain to Make Your Career

Blockchain is the current talk of the town. It is playing a powerful game in disrupting every industry. The power that can change the way organizations does business. It is on a mission to transform every industry- from healthcare to entertainment, every sector will experience a change.

What exactly blockchain is?

Let’s make you understand the term called ‘Blockchain’ in a simple language. Blockchain is the decentralized network that stores a record of digital assets. The information is recorded in blocks with timestamps and transaction data. These blocks of information are not stored in a single place but across a variety of data servers that participate in the network. The identities are kept private with the use of cryptography hash. This makes blockchain trustworthy and immutable.

A Huge Demand for Blockchain Engineers

In order to make the right use of blockchain, organizations are opening a plethora of opportunities for blockchain engineers. They are in search of professionals who are experts in blockchain technology. There are long-term positive trends for the blockchain industry and strong growth in jobs and salaries. According to a survey by Hired, global demand for blockchain engineers went up by 517% in a year. Blockchain engineers are highly in demand followed by other sought-after positions- security engineer (132%), embedded engineer (76%), data engineer (38%), back-end engineer (33%), ML engineer (27%), mobile engineer (15%), full-stack engineer (7%) and front-end engineer (4%). A lot of companies are looking for a correct match and it’s time to take the lead and step into this filling the positions and it’s the right time to step into this profitable career.

Salary in March 2019

There is good news for those who want to enter the blockchain space- The Pay! If you possess the technical skills and expertise, you are exactly close to getting paid high salaries. You can earn really well since a lot of money is floating into the blockchain space. It is important to note that the blockchain engineers enjoy an excellent salary between $1,50,000 and $1,75,000. They are acknowledged as the highest paid software developers and earn higher than any other engineering role.

Top in-demand platforms

Blockchain companies are looking for professionals who have extensive knowledge of networking, database design, and cryptography computing skills. Before gearing up yourself into the world of blockchain, master the various programming languages that include Solidity, SQL, Ruby, Java & JavaScript, Python, and Golang.

Who is hiring blockchain engineers?

The demand for blockchain has grown drastically in startups, banks, accountancy firms, healthcare firms, law firms, tech firms, governments, and education firms. Even top companies like Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Met Life, American Express, and amongst others are all set to make use of this powerful technology. As a result, technical expertise is required in the professionals they are looking for.

Get certified with Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA)

Blockchain certifications play a key role in demonstrating the skills and get hired by the top firms. Certifications make sure that you are updated with the latest tools and technologies and are credible enough to be hired by the blockchain employers.

CBCA is the best to get Blockchain Certifications from. Their certification includes Business Blockchain Professional, Certified Blockchain Engineer, and Global Blockchain Leader. The course encourages the developer’s ability to make decisions and lead blockchain integrated projects. Take your career to the next level and walk on the blockchain career path by polishing your skills and mastering them with CBCA.

Embrace the career in blockchain as it is going to create a storm in the market.

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