Some Common Causes Of Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is one of the blunders that most of the homeowners face in Northern Virginia and sometimes found themselves in utter difficulty. This is probably the result of overlooking little signs such as growing crust, mold and mildew indicating future flood in the basement. The consequences of such damage can occur on a broader level. This can disturb the entire functions in the house. Right from a shortage of water to the appearance of the house. So, if you are facing such basement leak in your home, get your house assisted with a team of qualified basement leak repair experts who know the source of damage and various ways to fix it effectively.

Apart from getting rid of ugly look and able to performing several functions, treating the damage in the basement is equally important to prevent any related disease that especially can affect your children. Also, the basement flooding is gradually weakening the foundation of your house which is a dangerous sign. However, here are some of the common causes that drastically affect the basement and result in severe flooding in the area:


The primary reason can be the location on which the house is built. Generally, houses are built on slope lands that allow accumulated water to easily drain away. But, having a house on lower part of the land can be troublesome and prone to flood more frequently. So, if your house comes with such criteria, make sure you are regularly inspecting the area and making possible maintenance process to accommodate that.

Poor flooring and wall sealing

Another infamous reason for basement flooding that most of the homeowners don’t consider is the improper or uneven flooring that yields crack on places to enter the water in your basement. Also, uneven wall sealing can allow water to come in your basement area. So, after any heavy storms with speedy rains, you encounter your basement has become a mini pool, inspect the flooring and wall sealing.

Damaged gutter system

One of the main components to be established in houses is a gutter system to prevent any water blockage in the house. It mainly functions during the rain to funnel water off the roof and drain away from the home. It’s important that you timely take care of such useful system. If not, can cause blockage in the order and eventually water make its permanent dwelling in the basement.

The imperfectly installed drainage system

One of the main functionalities that can directly affect the excellent condition of the basement is the imperfectly installed in the house. Typically, such downspout needs to be installed far away from the home, towards the street or backyard to prevent any flooding in the house. But, uninstalling it near or towards the basement can be prone to basement leak.

To Sum It Up

All in all, it’s important to pay a regular attention to each and even function in the house to ensure it’s well and better performance. The basement should be a most adhered area as it firmly holds the entire home.