How to solve cloze test in English correctly with less time?

Bank Exams are most sought exams by the aspirants of government job exams but last year the contestants have faced difficulty in attempting English Language Section. There was a change in the exam pattern; the questions were more on the language proficiency than just on grammar rules.

The most challenging questions are comprehension based such as Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test and Para jumbles. These are time consuming as well as need language proficiency.

Cloze Test is one such question which takes more time but still one gets confused while looking for the right option. The options are somewhat similar but the right word can only be opted if candidates are aware of the following facts regarding English Language:

1. Develop the habit of reading thoroughly

Develop the habit of reading English newspaper and articles which interests you the most. Understanding the text is a must while reading which you can only acquire if you are eager to know about the title of the article. Reading without motive is a useless exercise. Once you develop the authentic reading practice you can reach to the right option to be filled in the blanks given in the Cloze Test.

2. Connect the Sentences Together

Cloze test is a passage with same theme with blanks. Therefore connect the story with the help of sentences given in the passage and do not treat them as a separate sentence. Fill up the blanks according to the theme flowing in the passage and you will get the accurate result.

3. What Type of Word to Fill in

Study the blanks carefully and assess the type of words you have to fill in. Which part of speech would be best suited? Whether it is a noun, a pronoun, a verb, a preposition, a conjunction or an article?

 For example-

  • A noun–

Meera forgot to carry her ____ to office. She was feeling very upset and asked for a short leave to collect it from her house.
The logical answer here would be a mobile or tiffin.

  • An article–

 He ate ____ banana and threw ___ peel away.

Articles are usually the easiest to answer. Fill in ‘a’ and ‘an’ where talking about general facts and ‘the’ when using it before something specific. Here, the answer is ‘the’ in the first case and ‘the’ in the second.

  • A verb–

_____ for half an hour left me breathless. The idea of being breathless connotes something strenuous like ‘exercising’ or ‘running’.

Likewise, one should think an appropriate word to fill in.

4. Eliminate choices

In case you come across a blank that has more than one choice. The way to get the right answer is to try them one by one and take the best option which suits the theme.

5. Choose the frequently used words

In case you are not able to decide between two words, then opt for the frequently used word from the given options.

For example-Can she have a ____ word with him?

  1. swift
  2. quick
  3. prompt

All these options mean the same and it becomes difficult to choose the best answer.

At times in English, some words are used more frequently with some others such as  ‘bad habit’, ‘hardly ever’, ‘happy ending’, ‘take a seat’, ‘make room’ etc. In the same way, the words ‘quick’ and ‘word’ are used together frequently. So ‘quick’ should be your answer in this case.

6. Verify Tone

Read the passage carefully and understand the tone in which the author has written the passage whether it is narrative, critical or humorous. Then only pick the appropriate word, it will give you the accurate answer.

7. Practice extensively as it makes oneself perfect

After understanding the steps given above, take the previous year question papers and solve Cloze Tests. Keep the timer on and try to solve within the time limit. Buy the topic wise Bank test series to give you the exact idea about the themes which are given in the exam. Work on those themes by reading it extensively and practice daily on the tests to give you the best outcomes.

All the best!!!

Note- Above content is shared from experienced English faculty’s team of IBT Hyderabad – Top bank and SSC Coaching Institute

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