Responsive Web Design And SEO Benefits

The digital landscape has become one of the major parts when it comes to designing. However, it is not considered as a luxury for the responsive web design due to diverse features. This is more of a necessity that is growing in terms of mobile phones and its advancement. The digital commerce and web browsing have become a major part of the development in terms of designing. Even the top Web Design Company in Delhi are working with the queries of the mobile device and search designs.

However, what is the main benefit of responsive web design with SEO is still a confusing prospect. Hence, here are the main aspects to keep in mind.

  • Smartphone – In 2018, people understand the actual worth of quality content and search engine optimization. However, with time, it is not a rocket science to know the worth of a responsive web design. Even Google implemented the whole setup for ranking signal with the mobile-friendliness and also the indexing of the website. In simple words, it is essential to have a mobile-optimized site in order to work efficiently.
  • Bounce Rate – The statistics and behaviour of pages have become an essential part of web design as well. Google analyses the website that gives the best experience to their users in terms of queries search. This allows them to top the ranking list which will affect the total rate of a site. The main point of poor experience is low time spent on a single page, high bounce rate, low clicks number and low page views.
  • Experience of a user – Another of the point that is counted is the experience of a user that must be the topmost priority of the designers. It is essential to provide the best experience to the user with the help of easy and effective web design. Instead of UI structures and fancy design, one must focus on the navigation, structure, access and mobile friendliness. This must be the priority of the website when it comes to the navigation and readability of visitors.
  • Loading Speed – Yes, if a website is taking more than a few seconds to load then it is possible that it might lose 60% of the total audience. Not only this, another 40% of the audience might not be happy with the website and can leave it with dissatisfaction due to the loading time. Hence, they might not visit again. Hence, it is essential to work on the signal algorithm.
  • Duplicate content – It is also a major point in SEO. Google put up the duplicate content in the spam folder. It is possible that you might not be responsible for it but still, it can be a huge blunder for the future. Hence, top Web Design Companies in Delhi is a better idea when it comes to SEO and design. Also, the same site with different source – website and mobile – are not known to crawlers. In such a case, the responsive web design can be a better approach.