Real Weddings: Six Movie-Based Themes To Make Your Wedding Day Extraordinary

‘Vintage’, ‘rustic’ and ‘fairytale’ are some of the most common wedding themes which have been around for decades now. While many people still prefer the traditional decor over anything fancy, there are numerous fiction-based themes which are taking the world by storm. From Harry Potter to Alice in Wonderland, if there is anything that we have learned from such characters is that being unique can be your biggest asset. Case in point, how do you feel about incorporating such movie themes at your wedding? If you are as excited as we are about this concept, here is a list of six trending movie themes which came alive in numerous real weddings, and yours could be next! Read on.

  • Game of Thrones

Well, GOT needs no introduction and can be a stunning wedding theme. The beauty of the theme is unparalleled when the die-hard fans incorporate it in their weddings. Think of a castle or a big heritage building for the wedding location, or make it an open-space wedding for easy decoration and gorgeous headshots in Sydney. Take inspiration from the characters or transform yourself in one of them for absolute feels. Also, don’t leave your guests out of the fun and ask them to dress according to the theme too!

  • Harry Potter

Magic happens when you brew the right potions and say the right spells. Now that you have brewed the most magical potion called love in each other’s hearts, why not share this experience with everyone in a witchy wedding? A Harry Potter themed wedding looks fantastic when carried out with the right elements. Witch hats, wands, platform 9¾ tickets as wedding invites and the sticky treats are a few essentials which will shape up the theme in perfection. Let the sorting hat choose a house for every guest to make the wedding affair even more exciting.

  • The Flintstones

Who didn’t love Flintstones? Well, we all did, and using the theme for your wedding will bring back a rush of memories which can make many people nostalgic. Dress as Fred and Wilma for the ceremony and let the guests choose their characters. Since everyone will be wearing a costume, the professional headshots in Sydney will stun you. Opt for the stone-age decor and accessories, just as shown in the movie. If are you a big Cartoon Network fan in general, then you have numerous themes at your disposal to choose from for the big day.

  • Avengers

Marvel has stunned everyone with its Infinity Wars, and now it’s ready to bring a more significant impact. If you share the spirit of the Avengers and are a huge fan, incorporate the idea of your wedding. Thankfully, The Marvel Universe has a whole lot of characters, so the entire crowd can take a pick. However, if we are sticking just to the Avengers, don’t forget about the Stormbreaker, Mjolnir, Captain America’s shield and Thanos’ glove. You can opt for American cuisine, and no one’s feelings will be hurt.

  • Lord of the Rings

Another great idea coming from some of the popular wedding directories in Australia, Lord of the Rings ruled the hearts of many at the time of its release and believe it or not, it still does. Armors, dragons, swords, and elves should be an important part of the decor, and you can dress up to match the theme. If it’s not a complete adaptation that you are looking for, then rustic wedding decor would work best for you with a few elements from the wedding.

  • Alice in the Wonderland

Have you seen how gorgeous this setting looks? Well, indeed, Alice in Wonderland is one of the most talked about and loved wedding themes for wedding photography in Sydney which doesn’t seem to fade away with time. A big tea-party is what we are looking at here, with mouth-watering delights and eyes and heart-pleasing decor to make everyone’s day. If you are willing to add a little flair and drama to your big day, then nothing works better than Alice in Wonderland. For minimal adaptation, opt for theme-inspired cake and cutlery, and your work here is done!

Well, choosing one of these six great options is going to be a tough battle, so consult with your partner-in-crime and your best friends to take the right pick. Share this article with them immediately, and don’t forget to share in the comments which theme has made the cut for your grand day!