Rajesh Exports aims for the expansion of Shubh Jewellers stores

One of the leading gold companies in the world, Rajesh Exports is planning to expand the chain of its retail stores, which is known as ‘Shubh Jewellers’ to increase its presence across the country. There are more than 80 retail stores of Shubh Jewellers in Karnataka and the company is looking forward to open many more stores across pan India.

The company has been very successful in jewelry arena, manufacturing more than 35 per cent of the world’s gold. By expanding the services, Prashant Mehta, Rajesh Exports MD plans to take the chain of these retail stores to a different level.

Shubh Jewellers is unlike any other retail showroom chain in India. Its price per gram differentiates it from the rest of the companies. The customers at Shubh Jewellers are only charged for the original rate per gram without any additional making charges.

Rajesh Exports is changing the dynamics of the gold industry with annual exports of more than Rs 20,000-crore. It became the world’s largest gold refiner when it acquired Valcambi, the prior largest gold refiner in the world, based in Switzerland. The refinery has a capacity to refine 2000 tons of precious metal. The move also enabled Rajesh Exports to obtain raw materials at a cheaper rate.

One of the famous gold companies in India, Rajesh Exports produces up to 250 tons of jewelry every year. With the popularity of Shubh Jewellers stores, the company is ruling the roost in this industry.

Prashant Mehta, the MD of Rajesh Exports is contriving to deliver the same excellence at a global level. With the expansion of Shubh Jewellers, Rajesh Exports aims to become the top most gold seller in the country and abroad.