Professional Window Cleaners Advice on Cleaning your Windows!

Clean windows are a welcome sight to your eyes! So, it is obvious that you should keep the windows as clean as possible at all times. The professionals are always willing to help you with the task. They will leave your window squeaky clean. But, they cannot be called for the smallest blobs on the windows!

Windows can be effectively cleaned with water fed window cleaning pole from Full Clean Centre. These kinds of stores have a huge range of window cleaning equipment. But, you need to keep them maintained a bit. Otherwise, the cleaners have to employ rough methods of stain cleaning. So, the expert cleaners are here to share a few trade secrets that can be used on a regular basis to help a bit with your window cleaning.

A DIY Project of Window Cleaning

On a regular basis, you need to clean your windows, but you might have no idea on what you may need for this task. So, the experts will help you. They have high-grade equipment like window cleaning brush for cleaning windows; but you have to use simple equipment. Now, remember that these tips are just for a soft clean-up! You will ultimately need the experts for a thorough cleaning of the windows. Here is a list of things you would need for a regular window clean-up:

1. Equipment you Need: This is step one. You need to gather all the supply for the window cleaning job. This will help keep the windows clean and dirt-free. Here is what you need to clean the windows:

  • Bucket: Always buy a bucket that is large enough for the squeegee and mop to fit in. Otherwise, how will you wet the surface of the squeegee or clean it for the next swipe down?! Clean the squeegee, every time you use the squeegee.
  • Squeegee: Squeegee is good for a home window clean-up, but be careful because it can cause micro-scratches, if not used properly. This is not a strength competition of how much pressure can you apply while sliding the squeegee. It is advisable to get one with a rubber handle.
  • Mop/Washer and Wand: This equipment comes in two varieties:
  1. Regular, Scourer: It has a scouring strip on one side of the sleeve.
  2. Porcupine: There are small bits and pieces of plastic in the sleeve for the toughest stains on the window.
  3. Water Retention: This is a great mop, as it can retain water (as the name signifies), reducing the need for dumping it in water again and again.
  • Scraper: This helps to get rid of the roughest marks (like paint) that maybe stuck on glass. Just be careful, while using the scrapper or you could damage the window in a permanent manner.
  • Detergent: Use a detergent that is not too harsh. Glass may seem hard, but it can be chipped and scratched easily. So, a gentle detergent is good for the windows.

2. The Process of Window Cleaning:

  • Fill the bucket with some water with a few squirts of the detergent.
  • Apply this water on the mop and run it gently across the window.
  • For stubborn marks you could use a scrapper.
  • After the thorough cleaning, use a squeegee to remove the soapy water on the windows.
  • Next run the squeegee again, but with clean water to remove any bubbles that were left back.
  • Use a micro-fibre cloth to clean the windows and dry it completely without any flint trail.

Now, the process is all explained – the cards are all laid before you! Remember that this is just a makeshift process. The way professionals will clean with professional equipment and supplies can never be challenged by a home DIY window clean-up. Clean the windows beautifully with professional cleaning services! But, for now use these steps for a beautiful looking property.