A Precise Career Guide to Landing an Awesome Job in Private Equity

Securing a private equity position is really a tough nut to crack. Given the lucrative remuneration, world-class work culture, and dynamic career growth, private equity sits at the top of the most sought-after roles for today’s millennial. It’s crucial for you to not only become qualified but also to prepare and be well-informed for the interview to land a job. Without any further ado, let’s uncover all the best insider tips on how to land an awesome job at one of the top private equity firms.

  • Money makes the world go round and round. The private equity industry has always been one of the most competitive fields, despite its glamour and prestige. So what’s the secret of landing a gig at the top private equity firms? The first step is to identify the right opportunities. The top private equity firms have on-campus recruiting procedures, so if you’re still in a college or any business school, try inquiring at the career office to know which companies usually recruit at your college campus. If you’re specifically targeting any other company, then don’t despair. A lot of firms accept CVs from other non-targeted colleges as well. Search on the firm’s website to know how you can submit your resume at the earliest. Keep an eye on the website to know the latest happenings. Additionally, keep a connection with friends, and alumni to be well-informed about openings at specific firms in general.
  • The most crucial fact in landing a role is to make sure you have a good impression in the interview. No matter what are the credentials, references, or even experience, if you don’t project the confidence in your interviews then you stand very little chance to get hired. But don’t get so nervous. Be confident and knowledgeable. If you’re wondering what it’s like to work for a specific company, then read on what their employees have to say about the hiring process, work culture, salaries, and diversity. Research for more employer surveys to have a crystal clear idea.
  • While giving interviews, you should emphasize how much you’re of a hard-worker by giving them evidence of your potential to take on a lot of pressure and work. Just don’t pretend or make things up because they can see through any blatant lying. As a general rule, you have to embrace this unpleasant part of the job if you want to enter into the private equity industry. Try acknowledging the hours you had worked in your previous jobs because that’s, of course, an obvious part of your career path.
  • Private equity interviews are all about figuring out whether the candidate can manage the vast responsibilities of the position. The interviewer will be trying to figure out if you’re the right candidate who can feel comfortable to get a grasp of such difficult responsibility that can get messy and complex at times. Jobs in the private equity industry are extremely detail oriented so the interviewers are always looking who can execute it promptly without any further additions.

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