Practical tips to protect your hot water system from early degradation

How often do you think of cleaning your hot water system? If once in a few years is the answer, then this is a must-read post for you. While we take care of all the other operating machinery in our homes, hot water systems tend to get usually neglected. To keep your water heaters from early replacement, you need to get a hold of a few smart moves for easy maintenance, and since its essential, doing it right matters a lot. For enjoying lower electricity bills with an enhanced tank’s life, read on the following post and use the below-mentioned tips to your advantage.

  • Leakage is a big no

Did you know that even a minor leakage can degrade your heater’s life extensively? Aside from the annual inspections, keep an eye out for any leakage and get it repaired at the earliest. Aside from keeping your washroom wet at all times and leading to an early heater replacement, leaks can lead to mold and mildew which we all hate quite profoundly. Constant moisture is the means to mold’s survival so avoid such a situation by getting leaks checked immediately.

  • Drain it out

Drain! Drain! Drain! Although it sounds too simple, we often tend to bat our eyes in this respect. Since it’s a hassle for many, hot water system drainage is not given much importance. Well, that’s about to change. Draining out once a year helps in getting rid of all the debris settled at the bottom of the tank which can be a reason for degradation. This process also makes heating more effective and prevents the occurrence of corrosion.

  • Run an annual water heater inspection

There are numerous companies which provide efficient hot water service repairs and are dedicated to their work such as A.Able Plumbing. Whether you spot an issue with your heater or not, make sure you get an annual check done every year. This way, you will be able to take better care of your water heater and also get the minor repairs done which are crucial for enhanced efficiency.

  • Cleaning is important

Now that we have already drained the tank, why not clean it up? Keeping your tank clean and fresh is important for numerous reasons which include your health as well. Using dirty water will only spread diseases and make you sick. Cleaning the tank from the bottom and on the sides will encourage better heating, and with enough airflow, corrosion is very unlikely to happen.

  • Insulate the pipes

If your water heater is not insulated, you are making a blunder mistake. Without proper insulation, you will be wasting tons of your money. Insulated water heaters reduce heat loss to a great extent and also improve the heating efficiency of the machinery thus saving energy and money. Get your insulation checked and changed annually to reap significant benefits out of it.

  • Keep the surroundings clean

The particular space which you have used for heating system placement should be tidy and spacious. A gas-fired unit needs enough oxygen for efficient heating so enough empty space around the machinery will do the job for you. Also, placing other products too close to the system will restrict the early detection of any leakage and can cause a fire hazard as well.

While reading this post, if calling the experts is unnecessary, and you think you can manage it on your own, then give it a second thought. With your busy schedule, maintenance of your hot water system will only be another task in your to-do list. For quick remedies for hot water systems and blocked drains in Perth WA, A.Able is just a call away. For immediate results, follow the tips above and enjoy the hot water at low costs.