Places To Visit In San Francisco: The Paris Of The WEST

The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, novelist William Saroyan has excellently described The City of Bay in plain-sailing words (See what I did there? Of course you did.)

Ever since the creation of California state in the mid-19 century, San Francisco has been a significant city. Frome cable cars to brilliant rock music. With its relatively liberal ideologies regarding homosexuality than other states of America, this city offers a better life for broad-minded citizens. The city boasts of one of the most amazing football team San Francisco Giants and the multiple times Super Bowls champions of the 80s 49er.

You can roam around all day and yet won’t get enough of it. San Francisco although famous for, but does not only have Golden Gate Bridge or Fisherman’s Wharf, there are many other gems for travel freaks to discover and create mesmerizing memories.

Let’s have a look at some of the famous historical and architectural sites of San Francisco, making The City to the top five most favorable tourist attraction in California:


Cable cars have been a part of the city’s commuting culture since 19the century. Established in 1974, the historical and explanatory exhibits in the museum are a treat to the eye of automobile enthusiasts and epoch admirer. You can discover the history through photos and hear the sound of the wheel of a crucial defining factor of how the people of The City go about their day. At the top floor of the museum, one can see the history of cable cars in the city along with living cables in action. You will also get to learn how the horrific 1906 Earthquakes the lines and how the cable car lines were resurrected. This museum is located in Mason St, and the entry is free for all seven days a week.


Situated at off to the coast of San Francisco, this was a maximum high-security federal prison on the Alcatraz island, operating from 1934 to 1964 and was reopened as a tourist attraction in 1973. One of the notorious prisoners of the penitentiary was Al Capone and The Birdman. Tourists can get a glimpse of the life of inmates here not just by seeing this escape-proof prison but also by listening to audio tapes in the voices of the prisoners, guards and the correctional officers of Alcatraz. One can visit this prison by taking a ferry over the island and also enjoy the nesting seabirds here.


It is one of the most important art museum in the whole of San Francisco, and it was built on the benevolent thought of the art collector Avery Brundage of bridging the gap between East and West. The Larkin Street structure that now houses the museum was once the Main Library and the museum building is more than a century old. Opened in 1966, the museum housed collection from Brundage who soon converted it into a private collection but later offered it to the city of San Francisco. After Brundage’s demise, in 1975, the museum got all his artworks and kept them on display to commemorate his legacy.

So these are the significant places in San Francisco: art, history, and architecture wise that every tourist planning to visit the Fog City should visit.  If you wish to gain deeper insight about the Paris of the west, you can check out travels blogs with exhaustive details regarding where to dine, where to stay alongside the review of the city you plan to visit, and you can also share your experience of the city you recently visited.