Non-editable Text Selection in Filemaker

Non-editable text selection in FileMaker-How to protect data in fields from being worked on,while continuing to allowing the fields to be selected for copy-paste functionality

Aswith most Apple products, FileMaker is the best of its kind. It is a mix of simplicity and elegance, a relational database application that can be used across platforms. FileMaker is relevant to developers, server admins, and end users.

By default, FileMaker is editable. Sometimes, the editing functionality is not desirable especially because the app is often used by developers and server admins to store sensitive and important data.

Interestingly, you can easily override this default setting by using margin text on a layout or using calculated buttons bar segment. However, most people prefer to change this setting by swiping over to the behavior pane in the inspector and unchecking the Browse Mode.

Although these seem to be a huge beacon of hope in solving the dilemma, it does not solve the problem. The methods stated above would not just make FileMaker not editable but will prevent the copy-paste functionality.If You need to preserve the copy-paste functionality, you should consider the following methods shortly outlined.

Displaying Data with Web Viewer

This method is one of the most efficient methods for disabling editing in FileMaker while allowing the copy-paste functionality. However, it is definitely not for you if you are not comfortable with HTML coding. The method works in a very simple and easy way; you just need to use  Web Viewer to display data.

The WebViewer should be used instead of some fields to display data and it should be formatted as appropriate.There are some clear downsides to using this method.

1.  Web Viewer may not match your layout due to its default formatting settings. But this can be addressed by changing the settings as appropriate to suit your layout.

2.  The FileMaker native layouts are designed to load fast but Web Viewer may be slower.

Prevent Editing Of Information By Creating A Privilege Set

Sometimes, you may need to allow some users to edit your data while ensuring that the editing functionality is not accessible to some other users. This may come handy when you need to give admin or role privileges to some users of your applications.

Interestingly, this can be easily done in the manage security settings of the FileMaker app.To do this, go to your app’s manage security settings and set the privileges.Then, apply the privileges to the corresponding user accounts.

Note that several kinds of privileges can be set, it is left for you to decide on what you want. Setting privileges may become difficult, complicated and even impractical when you are dealing with a large number of fields.

Displaying Data with Calculated Fields

Another way to deal with the issue is by duplicating data in the editable fields with a calculated field. This will allow you to use fields that cannot be edited in your layout and output data from the editable fields.

It is very easy to have a set up of the fields and you don’t even need to add any privilege.However, it may be impractical to add a lot of fields to your layouts and it can lead to confusion.

In conclusion, FileMaker Inc makes the untold power and resources of the relational database system accessible to you in the FileMaker app. However, most users do not know how to protect their information from being edited while allowing the copy-paste functionality. The above synopsis adds to your tool set, making it easy for you to make the most of the app.

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