No more dreading the after party cleanup

A special occasion calls for a party. You can even have parties for no reason at all. Parties are a fun way to interact with other people and have a relaxing and enjoyable evening. But going to someone else’s party and hosting your own party are two different things. Mostly because what follows the next morning is something every host hates. When you wake up the morning after the party, you know doom awaits you. Cleaning up after a party is miserable. In most parties people get really drunk and litter all around the house, you yourself must have contributed to the mess. No wonder your whole house is trashed.

After party cleaning can take up a lot of your time, so many people call cleaning services to help cleanup. But they might charge a lot of money. So sometimes it is better to cleanup yourself. You will also no best where everything goes and how to manage everything. But you should not stop throwing parties just because of the fear of cleaning up the next day. Don’t let the mess win.

Just follow these simple tips to clean your house effortlessly the next day.

Before the party

Take a few simple measure before the party starts to make is much easier for you to clean up the next day. Keep the doors to the rooms you don’t want your guests to visit locked. You can keep all the fragile and valuable items in these rooms. Put out plenty of cloths and paper towels in easy locations so that you can grab them and clean up any spill immediately. Keeping two separately labelled garbage bins for recyclables and trash persuades your guest to be a little responsible and clean up after themselves.


The first thing you need to do when you wake up is look for any hung-over individual still lurking in your apartment. Remember to check all the rooms, the bathroom and the kitchen. If you find someone get rid of them fast or make them help you clean up.

Throw the obvious

Get rid of all the trash in your house. Grab a large garbage bad and throw all the useless cans bottle, plastic cups, etc you find lying around. Remember to throw the excess liquid from the bottles in your sink before you get rid of the bottles.


Save any leftover you have. If you have wine leftover in the bottle and no one drank straight from the bottle, just cork it and save it for later.

Dishwasher and sink

Now collect all the reusable items like ceramic plates and cups. Rinse them and load them in the dishwasher. Also clean up any spills or other mess with the help of soap and microfiber cloth. Remove any stain you find.

Bathrooms and floors

You bathroom must have gotten pretty messy after the party, so you need to clean it up. Then mop up the floors and vacuum your carpets. After you spend devoted time for this, your house will be as clean as anyone from professional after party cleaning services would make it.