Nine Best Foods to Control Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar level in the body rises beyond the limit of 160mg/dl. Diabetes control is very essential as no care for diabetes can cause serious health problems and sometimes even early death due to gangrene, kidney failure or cardiac arrest. Here we present you best nine foods for diabetes control.


Oatmeal is very high in whole grains and fiber which makes it safe for a diabetic to consume oats. Oats is one of the best foods to reduce the risk of increasing sugar.


Fresh fish is very helpful for diabetes patients if it is not cooked in much oil but instead baked, grilled or roasted.

Eating fish with vegetables containing high levels of carbohydrates makes it one of the best foods for diabetes to consume. Fish eaten with vegetables or lentils are a good option if you are looking out for diabetes control.

Non-Fat Yogurt

Yogurt contains the necessary carbohydrates and proteins which is a great remedy for restricting the unwanted rise of sugar in the blood. Non-fat yogurt is one of the most advisable yogurts as it usually contains less fat and more protein.


A study found that CBD oil decreased the occurrence of diabetes in non-over weight diabetic mice from a rate of 86 percent in non-treated mice to a rate of 30 percent in CBD-treated mice.

CBD benefits also confirmed a huge lessening of plasma levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Always buy CBD Oil from a certified vendor.


Plain almonds are rich in calcium, necessary fats, and magnesium which help in reducing blood glucose-rich in the body. Consuming a handful of almonds does a lot good to a diabetic and helps to keep the glucose under control. Almonds are natural, healthy and one of the best to lower the risk of diabetes.

Non-Starchy Vegetable

Non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, and peppers are a great source of vitamins and proteins to a diabetic. Such foods help to absorb the sugar which is already present in the body. The superfoods not only benefit a diabetic but also those who are looking out for weight loss.

Wild Salmon

Wild salmon has a very high content of omega-3s which help to prevent a heart attack as it is directly associated with diabetes. Wild salmon contains necessary fats and lots of proteins which help to keep the blood sugar profile in the body very low. On regular consumption, you will notice reduced blood sugar level.

Egg White

You may be in love with yellows of the eggs but if you are a diabetic your new love interest should be egg whites. Egg whites are rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates. Egg whites are a perfect food for controlling diabetes and also to keep yourself full and healthy.


Beans are one of the most recommended foods for lowering blood sugar level in the body. They are tasty and also very helpful in keeping you healthy and fit. They are storehouses of proteins and very little fat which makes it an ideal food for those who are looking out to reduce diabetes risk.