Motivate your colleagues to keep the office clean with these 6 intelligent tips

Keeping your surroundings clean is a moral concept which should be followed by every individual. Whether it’s your home or your office, proper cleaning and living in a hygienic environment is your right and your duty from which you cannot run. When we talk about offices, we all know that each office has a team of dedicated cleaning staff, but they are not enough to keep your workstations clean. As employees, you and your colleagues should participate in the process as well, and for that matter read on the following post and get inspired.

1. Keep workstation organised

The one thing that clearly shows how dedicated you are towards cleanliness is your workstation. If it’s is full of files, unorganised papers, stationery everywhere and even leftovers, then you are leaving a pretty wrong impression on your colleagues and bosses. Make sure that you properly organise your stationary with stationary holders and keep your files neatly stacked. Avoid eating lunches at your workstation to keep it clean and free from any food leftovers or crumbles.

2. Take ideas from your colleagues

Whether you are a mess or it’s your colleague who needs to learn some cleanliness etiquettes, hold a brief meeting and ask your colleagues what they think about cleaning. Take ideas from them to keep your station and office cleaner. Emphasize the whole concept if you are indirectly trying to teach someone. Ask the most organised colleague to give a few pro tips which could help everyone in the long run. Anything which keeps your mates motivated will work well.

3. Distribute  the load

Distributing the cleaning load is another way to ensure that the office stays clean. You can allocate responsibilities in your team such as clearing useless papers from all desks, organising stationery, clearing dirty mugs and plates and more. To make it even more exciting, set a specific price as the fine to be paid to the cleaning colleague as a fine. This way, you will notice that the workstations and offices are kept cleaner.

4. Motivate with prizes

Prizes always work. Organize a rubbish removal Canberra contest, particularly crafted for your office. Since a poor looking workstation could be a result of lack of time, let them take a break from their general routine and clear up the mess which has been haunting others for days now. Pick great prizes for everyone, but tell them that it’s only for the first three people who clear up the fastest. When everyone gets a surprise gift for their efforts, it will work as the best motivation.

5. Shame is the new game

When nothing works, this trick might work wonders for you. Shame is the new game, my friend. Make a shame board with your HR and stick pictures of those employees who keep their workstations most dirty. Motivate them with shame and put some incentives in order such as their name will be cleared off the board if they clean the desk in two days otherwise they will earn a permanent spot.

6. Bring in the professionals to help

Your last resort after constant efforts would be to call in the professionals and let them take care of the unhygienic environment. Once the leading cleaning company in Canberra such as Revitalise Cleaning are done with their job, ask one of their representatives to give some incredible cleaning advice to the staff and help them keep their environment clean.

Now that you are laced with the best tips of all times put them to use to make your office a desirable place where ideas are generated, and profits are made every day, thanks to cleaner surroundings. Share this post with your friends as well.