How mobile technology is transforming corporate events

With the passage of time, technology is becoming more and more advanced and with this advancement, it is becoming more and more addicted to both personal and professional lives. Today we see technological products everywhere in our homes, offices and anywhere we are up to perform some sort of task. Modern day corporate events are also driven by technology nowadays. From paper-based to paperless we have seen a great shift in corporate and business event planning in the recent years. But now a new technology is making its way to the world of business meetings, and this technology is an iPad. Tablet devices after making people addicted to them are all set to take the business world with a storm too. Though the corporate world has been using this amazing device for a very long time but the recent involvement of tablets in business meetings, conferences and trade shows has made them a crucial element for any professional gathering. Let’s see how tablets and being more specific iPad’s are changing the face event technology:

Screen and fact sharing:

Not very long time ago, meetings planners used large display screens and video walls to add some visual appeal to the professional events. These big screens were also mandatory in large conferences and meetings where planners needed to display a single piece of information to a lot of attendees or listeners. But now the trend of using technology to add visual appeal to the events has been changed. Instead of using large video walls, planners are using handheld devices such tablets to share the screen among the listeners. Video walls very effective to some extent but a handheld device that can provide interactivity and a great level of satisfaction to the user are best. Additionally, the cost of using large video screens was also very high as compared to using iPad rental services where you can hire any number of tablet computers for your event. These tablets normally come with event management apps that can perform several operations including screen sharing to thousands of devices. A speaker can share his screen with each of attendee to portray any information in form of video, graphic, presentation or any other format.

Audience Interactivity:

iPad and tablet rental companies

Tablet computers can be leased in large amount from tablet leasing and rental companies at very easy terms instead of using papers or other ways to interact with the audience. During a speech, speaker can use the tablet in his hand to interact with anyone from the audience. Not only does it help in interacting with the audience but iPad’s also are a great resource audience can use to interact with each other during the conference or meeting.

Using PDA’s and tablets for attendance:

The time has long been gone when organizations used papers to collect the records of attendees, today is the world of PDA’s and tablets. iPad and tablet powered attendance booths are now used in large professional gatherings like conferences and trade shows. There are tons of applications available in the APP STORE, also you can get developed your custom application or use any tablet rental company in your locality.


Getting feedback during large events becomes a problem but not now because of tablets. In tablet powered meetings and trade shows where every attendee is provided with an iPad to share the resources with each member of event, anyone can give feedback using his own device.

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