Learn How to Select an IT Staffing Company

Selection Techniques To Get The Best IT Personnel

The hiring of new staff always takes many man-hours and today easier ways of recruitment and selection are being advertised, but the best so far has been the rise of

it staffing agencies to reduce the shortlist of possible candidates.



Interviews Still Work

Interviews have been used to select the best IT staff for as long as jobs have been around. New behavioural questions are taking the place of the old commonplace questions, which one could easily muster. To get the best out of a prospective employee, panel interviews work best. The biggest advantage of this is that it allows different people to scrutinize the same person at once. As one interviewer asks their question, the others are able to observe the candidate. This allows for a better understanding of the prospect.

Skill Test

There are jobs that require one to have certain skills and IT is one of them. After successful completion of the interview, the best it staffing companies conduct skill tests on aspiring employees. This not only weeds out those “enhance” their resumes but this is a sure-fire way to check whether one has mastery of the skills indicated on their C.V. Simple tests like having one solve a common problem can go a long way in saving you from hiring a fraud.

Personality Test

Different professions demand different personalities and IT is no different. From stress to depression, some of the traits that a candidate displays can be detrimental not only to fellow staff members but to the whole company. The most commonly used test is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Personality Test, although it might seem irrelevant, it helps avoid selection of prospects who turn out to have ulterior motives.

Proper Advertising

When advertising for a position it is important to know who you want and how to reach them effectively. The growth of social media may have made things easier and with agencies doing the recruitments; companies tend to ignore the basic rule of target marketing. It would be pointless to advertise for IT positions in a medical newsletter. People tend to react to adverts that relate to them and these are most likely to be found on media that goes with their professions and hobbies. Improper advertising can lead to an overwhelming response from unfit personnel and this only increases the workload of those vetting them.


Whether paid or not, internships and probationary work can help pick the best staff to work with. Most companies have a short probation period where the new employee is monitored and evaluated. According to the performance during this period, the prospective employee is either taken in, dismissed or taken through a longer probation period to learn from fellow staff members. This not only creates a filter for those who are not qualified, it allows the newcomer to assimilate into the culture of the company.

Inter-Personal Relationships

The environment at work should be conducive to all to allow for best work results and morale. A person who is disagreeable right from the start will not be a valued member, conflicts reduce morale and the work ethic might be affected too. Where they are many people there will always be an underlying tension, if a candidate is too boisterous, it might lead to conflicts. IT staff in a company dealing with people who only know how to use a working computer, trying to solve IT issues need a patient and very understanding person, before hiring any IT staff, it is always advisable to check how they relate to other people especially those not conversant with computers.