Landscaping trends to lookout for this year!

Maintaining and keeping your home perfect is very important in today’s time. While keeping your house clean and organized is crucial, keeping it perfect from the outside is no less important. The need of keeping your front garden or backyard pretty has an extensive set of advantages. It adds on to the aesthetic of the society you reside in and also makes it a perfect place for your family to spend time together outdoors. The best way of making the outside of your home perfect is by doing landscaping design.

Landscaping includes almost everything that would make your front yard as well as your backyard picture perfect. Starting from planting exotic plants to building pools and ornamental shed landscaping does it all. Landscape designing also increases your property value almost instantly. So if you want to go for it, you can look for companies specializing in landscaping in Sydney. Stone Lotus Landscapes is a landscaping company based in Sydney that provides the complete service of designing and constructing landscapes. They take pride in their impeccable ability to design exterior spaces perfectly, irrespective of space constraints.

New trends in landscape designing

With the help of landscape design in Bondi, you can change the exterior space in any manner you feel like. You can turn it into a space of relaxation, so that every time to step outside to spend time with your family in the weekends, it gives you that holiday vibes. Imagine how wonderful would that be! Even if there is a crunch of exterior space, you would be surprised to know what wonders can be done in that with some professional help. Here are a few exciting landscaping trends that you can take inspiration from:

  • Dining and fire pits: Spending more time outdoors is good for health so people have been gravitating towards ideas that treat the outdoor space as an extension of the interior space. Great way of doing this is by establishing an outdoor dining space. This is a great thing to do if you have an upcoming event or a party at your house. Outdoor dining space always adds that extra zing to the dining experience and would be an amazing change for the guests. An outdoor kitchen can also be built along with it to add on to the overall ambiance. Apart from this, building a fire pit outdoors is also an excellent idea. It will allow people to stay outside at night without catching a cold.
  • Stonework and masonry patios: You can ditch the traditional masonry and stonework patios and play around a bit. You can go for colorful and exciting stones like porphyry, limestone or granite. These stones are also available in various finishes and designs which can add that unusual quirk to your outer space. The landscape need not be in symmetry. Asymmetry is the new trend and you can experiment with that. As far as flooring is concerned, you can go for the new wooden effect tiles. Apart from this, another material which can be put to use is copper as it will look wonderful with all the wooden effects around.
  • Small gardens: We cannot deny the fact that flowers make everything better! You can always incorporate a small garden in your outdoor space to increase its aesthetics. What type of plant you want to grow in your garden completely depends on you. You can go for beautiful colorful flowering plants or go for something more refined and interesting like different kinds of cacti. You could also grow some vegetables and fruits and still make it look pretty by properly maintaining it.

The things you could do with the exterior space are unlimited, and you will be surprised to learn about the possibilities. You just need the help from professional landscape designers and seek their consultations in order to make your outer space attractive.