Labour day scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt is a delightful game wherein with the help of riddles, kids and adults get to enjoy and learn about new things. It’s easy to create and customize. There is no age bar in playing it, and it can be played indoors as well as outdoors. It can also serve as an effective educational tool to help children remember the information learned through playing, for longer. One can opt for a multitude of a theme to arrange their scavenger. The theme could be patriotic, historical, scientific discoveries. Take, for instance, national holidays. Parents can utilize this day and the opportunity in teaching kids about the historical events that led to the eventful or uneventful days with the help of scavenging hunt riddles, based on an event or the name of a historical figure.

Let’s dive into how can we organize a scavenger hunt about the day that pays tribute to the diligence and commitment of the American workers in the dreadful atmosphere that is LabouR Day.

To frame any themed based event, first, we need to be well-informed about the theme. In this case, we need to know the historical significance of labor day: how it came into being, why we celebrate it, etc.

Celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labour day procession is an homage to the America workers Movement. This federal holiday is marked with fireworks; the union organized the parade, and people partake in a luncheon, of which barbecues are a specialty. Through this, the people applaud and acknowledges the hard-work of workers of America in strengthening the overall well being of the nation. The very first parade with the motive to get the recognition and facilities that the labor deserve was taken out in New York, although the first state to induce Labour DAy as a holiday was Oregon. THere was a decade-long hostility continuously growing between workers and the employers. By the end of 1800, some 37000 strikes were conducted by the workers and the supporting unions. Between 1870 and 1914, around 800 workers were killed by the military forces and the state security forces. The struck turned more barbarous with the Pullman strike and later with the federal government spending in military force to enforce conjunction against the strike, result of which was 30 deaths and massive economic damage. President Cleveland, soon after the strike ended, passed a law to celebrate LABOUR DAY as a national holiday.

  • Get all the necessary information on the event that will help you in creating scavenger hunt riddles. The clues/ riddles must be interlinked as this will assist in active learning.
  • Hide these riddles in places such as the couch, under the mattress of the bed, under that table, under the kitchen counter/sink.  If you plan on playing an outside scavenger hunt, involve your neighbors and local store keepers in it.
  • The game can involve obtaining a specific object or naming a particular place or historical figure.
  • Layout and announce the rules of playing the game.
  • Start the hunt and help kids with reading and understanding the riddles.
  • The first one to crack all the clues and obtain the associated object will win the game.

Just like labor day, parents can also organize the scavenger hunt for other monumental days like independence day, memorial day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter and much more. Scavenging hunt, keeping them informed will also make them appreciate the day more especially the power of unity. You can get printable scavenger hunt clues for creating riddles from many websites that have a massive database of continually updating clues, about any theme.

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