Is your Fishnet Game on Point?

We live in a mad fashion world where there are new fashion trends propping up each day. Most Fashion trends are revamped versions of old statements; taking inspiration from the much-celebrated eras. While we fall in love with some of these trends instantly, there are some others that take their own sweet time taking over. Fishnet stockings are one such trend. People have been so busy associating them with the 90’s punk and sass that they failed to see how it has turned into a new statement accessory. It has taken new turns and gorgeous twists, my personal favourites – embellished fishnets.

The hottest trend of the season are definitely fishnet stockings. And even though it seems next to impossible they are even sexier than they used to be in the early 00’s. Though many women are still not up for this trend as they find it a bit raunchy and too sexy, they aren’t sure whether they would be able to decently carry them or not. These women are not aware of embellished fishnets, they have no idea how shapely these fishnets can make their legs look.

You can pull these off with everything – under the dress, popping out from your ripped or distressed jeans, women are pairing them up with leather skirt, black boots and super cosy jumper or a sporty jacket. The undeniable fact is that the fishnet for sure adds a bit of spice to a flat or a basic everyday look.

From the big holed, to small and medium lattice the fishnet stockings come in all shapes and sizes.

Apart from wearing your fishnet stockings under your ripped jeans, people who want a more casual look and are beginners to fishnets can choose a pair of fishnet socks to wear with their high heels or chunky boots along with a denim jacket to complete their sporty look. You could combine them well and finish the whole look with ease. You can even mix the fishnet with a midi or a pencil skirt and very effortlessly take your look from meh. to yeahhh.

The fishnets have had their huge spotlight moments when celebrities like Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Kendall Jenner and Gwyneth Paltrow added edge to their outfits by sporting these embellished fishnets.  At an event in Met Gala, Gigi Hadid paired her nude asymmetrical Tommy Hilfiger gown with a pair of thigh-high black fishnets, posing with her leg cocked out for maximum effect. Her sister Bella upped the ante with a fishnet-inspired Alexander Wang catsuit.

It’s an oxymoron that has appealed since the days of Aesop. Fishnets have the same allure as lace, with its peek-a-boo glimpses at the skin beneath, and sheer skirts that show the silhouette of the legs but, crucially, not the legs themselves.