Indian Railways– Tickets and Seating Arrangement

Ever since man invented the wheel for transport, advancement in machines has grown alarmingly. After the Industrial Revolution, the railway department grew rapidly. Traveling by train is the cheapest and most effective means of communication. Transporting goods, etc. also turns out to be a lot less expensive than by air.

The Indian Railway is the fourth most extensive system in the world. It is also the largest recruiter on the planet, with over 1.3 million employees. There is a separate budget allocated by the central government for railways. Indian Railway also transports the most number of people daily. More than13000 trains chug around the massive 130,000 km tracks every day.


It is often a common misconception that traveling by train in India is bound to be hard. It is really simple now to buy a ticket. You need not visit the railway station in order to purchase the ticket. You can now skip the long queues and buy the tickets through a trusted online platform. This will save a lot of time, and you will be relieved of stress. Once you buy your ticket, you will get a printed voucher. This will contain all the necessary details of the passenger. The gender, the journey scheduled date, the train details, your name, address, etc. will all be printed on the ticket. You can also use the web platform to check your PNR status. Once confirmed, you will be sent the notification from the website. In case you are boarding a train in the middle of its journey, you can find the Indian Railway live running status from the web platform itself.


Now, you must be wondering why you cannot choose your seating like in a bus or a minivan. You might want a window seat or a lower berth. Well, there is a scientific reason for not being able to choose your seating arrangement. The passengers in the train have to be seated according to the algorithm. There are three berths available, the upper berth, the middle berth, and the lower berth.

The lower berth of all the compartments is filled first starting from the center-most compartment. Once all the lower berths are filled in order on either side of the center compartment, the middle berths are then filled in a similar manner. After all the middle berths are filled, the upper berths are then filled accordingly. This seating arrangement is made to ensure the train maintains its balance during a curve. The train will not topple if the seating arrangement is perfect. This is a great safety measure.

Some important facts which might come handy while traveling on a train are –

  1. Try to help out senior citizens and people with young children in case they are allotted an upper berth. You could exchange your lower berth tickets with them.
  2. Turn off the lights at night while sleeping to ensure no one else is disturbed.
  3. Trains now come with charging sockets near every seat. Turn off the switches when not in use, even for the fans.
  4. Maintain cleanliness and a peaceful environment with all your co-passengers to have a pleasant journey.