Hydraulic Bursting- The Safest Method For Demolition

Hydraulic bursting also known as concrete bursting is considered as one of the safest methods of demolition. Although there may be other conventional methods of carrying out concrete demolition, this method is popularly used in demolition projects. Moreover, it offers an efficient way of breaking the concrete into manageable chunks.

Since it’s an efficient technique, hydraulic bursting is becoming popular in dealing with large concrete structures. Therefore, construction and demolition experts have started using this method to deal with otherwise dangerous and lengthy demolition tasks that involve breaking of foundations, pillars, bearers, walls, and floors. This method offers numerous benefits over the traditional methods of breaking up the concrete.

How Does It Function?

The process of concrete bursting involves drilling of small holes in the concrete surface with the help of diamond drill bits. Further, hydraulic busters are inserted into these holes and slowly expanded. By doing so, it creates immense pressure on the structure and cracks it into easy-to-handle and small pieces.

Hydraulic bursting offers several benefits to make it easy for professionals and workers to carry out demolition tasks. Let us take a look at the key benefits.

Reduction In Noise Pollution

Demolition process produces a lot of noise during the concrete breaking process because of the tools and equipment used. But, hydraulic bursting reduces the noise to a great extent. The whole process of breaking the concrete is virtually silent when you utilize this method. As a result, noise pollution is reduced to a vast extent.

Reduction In Vibration

Hydraulic bursting involves minimum drilling while breaking the concrete. As a result, the vibration is reduced, which, in turn, minimizes the chance of getting vibration-related injuries. The demolition process involves a great amount of risk for the workers, and they are highly prone to injuries while doing this task.

With the concrete bursting method, it becomes easier for workers to carry out the demolition process.

A Dust-Free Process

Methods like blasting and dynamite produce a great amount of dust when used in demolition projects. Hydraulic bursting is a non-percussive method, and so it does not produce any dust. Therefore, this method is considered one of the cleanest methods used in demolition projects.

Greatly Useful For Large Structures

When you have to carry out demolition on large structures, it becomes difficult with even the most advanced tools. However, hydraulic bursting makes the whole process easier by breaking up the concrete into small and manageable chunks, irrespective of its thickness or strength. Therefore, it proves to be an efficient technique for demolishing large concrete structures.

Ideal For Confine Spaces

Often, in construction projects, you require to work within confined spaces. In such cases, the bigger tools and equipment fail to achieve the target. But, with hydraulic bursting, you can effectively accomplish the task of dealing with confined or smaller spaces. It is because the equipment used in this method of demolition is ideal to move skillfully in narrow spaces. Moreover, it also causes very little disruption and helps in achieving the target with little or no disturbance.

Efficient For Removing Large Concrete Structures

Large concrete structures have thick surfaces, and the traditional demolition methods produce a great amount of noise and dust. With hydraulic bursting, it is easier to break very large and thick structures into small pieces. Thus, the concrete bursting technique is ideal for demolishing large structures like foundations, walls, floors and more.

Safest Demolition Technique

Hydraulic bursting, as we now know is the most efficient method of breaking up the concrete. It is also said to be the safest of all methods of concrete breaking. As it involves breaking down the structure into small pieces, workers can safely carry out the process of demolition with this technique. Moreover, they can effectively avoid injuries related to vibrations during the process.

Multiple Power Options

You can use power options like electricity, petrol or diesel for running a hydraulic bursting tool. Therefore, it gives you multiple options of power for accomplishing your task.

Less Expensive

Hydraulic bursting is an inexpensive method as it gives you multiple sources of power. Therefore, you can accomplish your demolition project within your budget.

Thus, construction professionals can reap numerous benefits from hydraulic bursting to accomplish their demolition projects.