How to Reduce the Nicotine Level of your E-Liquid

Have you ever imagine that how you can reduce the nicotine level in E-liquid? There is a way to which you can last longer and stretch to buy a better nicotine level. Sometimes you bought some e liquids in which the nicotine level is too much higher than we assume it and I will share you some information through which you can decrease the nicotine level. Many people are in search of this type of questions and they just want to reduce the nicotine level in e liquids. There are many ways through which you can overcome this thing and for that, you can also change the flavor or have to purchase the expensive products.

Safety First

Always make sure this thing that when you are trying to handle e-liquid so you should read the proper precautions. The state of diluted have the little threat when poses the liquid nicotine and if it has the contact with the skin and it should be treated with respect. It is stated on the label that keeps this thing away from the children and animal as well, you should not drink this stuff. You should also wear gloves while making a contact with it and if you drink it so you may have severe health issues.

Cutting E-Liquid

The cutting of E-liquid concept is very simple and for that, you have to know the actual math of this thing. If you double the liquid then it may reduce the nicotine level, like if you have a 30ml bottle of liquid which contain 0.3% nicotine and if you mix another 30ml with it then the nicotine level will be reduced and it is the simplest formula which has been declared in this planet. You can easily cut the e-liquid.

Using Straight USP Grade VG

If you have the vegetable glycerin then it is the cheapest and quickest solution. If you don’t have this stuff so you can buy USP Grade VG from any store, pharmacies or any online store and it is an inexpensive product. You can get a 30ml bottle from any store or you can get more from any online store. You have to mix 30ml VG with the 30ml e-liquid, then simple combine then and shake it more properly, once you mix them properly then you have completed your nicotine reduction method. You have to leave them for few days so that they can easily mix with each other.

Using The Original E-Liquid

Always try to purchase the original e-liquid as some of the companies are providing the cheap prices which is not good for the people and if you are looking for the original e-liquid then you can purchase from e-liquid wholesale as they always provide the quality e-liquid which is good in taste and they have many flavors in it or you can apply any one of the methods which are mentioned above and you can simply have the taste of it.


Well, I tried to dismantle the simplest form for you that if you cut e-liquid then you can easily reduce the nicotine level in e-liquid. If you focus on the safety aspects so you can get the better idea of it and you don’t have to throw the bottle of e-liquid. You can also double the solution for this aspect which is also the simplest form of it.