How To Rank Your YouTube Videos In 2018 – Complete Guide

As you know that most of the peoples will consider the YouTube is a powerful marketing platform that your business will need to utilize.

The one and the only best key to for the YouTube marketing is that to rank your video in both the Google as well as the YouTube search results. This thing will also create an automated flow of the peoples and also be finding your videos with valuable keywords which are related to your business.

Rank Your YouTube Videos In Just These 5 Simple Steps :

  1. Length Of A Video

When your first video will be launched the part of the algorithm will be based on the video views. As many as more will you get the more your video will get rankings on YouTube. But from the last couple of years, YouTube has changed their policy. On the other hand, they will still count the aggregate views and they will also do in conjunction with engagement metrics on the following basis :

  • Number Of Likes On Video
  • Number Of Comments On Video
  • Social Shares On Video
  • Numbers Of The Second Viewed

Thes all additional matrices will also help us to cut back on click farms and that was racking up to the millions of the false clicks. Before it will better to be pumped out a ton of the videos with a less focused on the content but now, it would be better to create the rich content of the videos so that the video will be able to drive the more user engagement. YouTube doesn’t give any kind of any guidelines to anyone as to what an optimal video length is i.e maybe something 1 minute or more. From the long experience of the years, I will personally suggest you make your videos at least for the 60 seconds long and this is because of these main 2 reasons.

Those 2 reasons are :

  1. The more time your user will spend on your video the higher your video will be rank. Therefore, having a longer video will definitely add some more seconds to your count.
  2. In the YouTube’s mind anything will be coming off as an spam and the longer your video will and also the more content it will be better for an user experience.

Tip: Create those kinds of videos which have a potential to provide an great content and as well as drive the more engagement to you.


  1. Description Of Your Video

The first and the foremost part is that you have to add a link to your website. Make sure that the description which you have to while uploading of your video will be good and valuable so that it can also attract some peoples towards your video. While on the other hand the video views were great and the YouTube is merely a great which means to something a larger. YouTube videos should encourage your viewers to take an appropriate action. The actions may be in the forms of clicks on your website where you can finish your marketing process i.e capturing the leads and also the purchases. So you must have to ass the links in the description of your video. In addition to the links, you can also want to optimize the rest of your video description.

Follow These Points :

  1. Make your content and video unique don’t copy it from the other peoples’ videos. Google is strictly against to the duplicate content and if it will be against your video then Google will simply against you. Each of the videos was different and also should be treated as such. Always trying to write the unique description of your videos.
  2. Make sure that your video description must be of the 200 words.
  3. Don’t use the same keywords twice in your video’s description otherwise, you will be slapped for the keyword stuffing.
  4. Always try to add synonym keywords in your descriptions.


  1. Create An Video Playlist

Playlists will also play an important role when you will upload your new video. Also, add another layer of the signals in order to tell the YouTube about what your video is about. For each of your new videos, you have to create a new playlist with the synonym keywords.


  • Keyword # 1: How To Rank YouTube Videos.
  • Keyword # 2: Get More Views On YouTube Videos.
  • Video Title And Raw File Name: How To Rank YouTube Videos – Get More Views On YouTube Videos.
  • Description: Synonym keywords included: rankings videos on YouTube, how to get the more views on YouTube videos, YouTube marketing, Video marketing, Video SEO.
  • Playlist Name: Video Marketing – YouTube Marketing – Ranking Videos On YouTube.


  1. Push Your Video To The Social Platforms

Let me tell you that the Traditional SEO has the 2 main aspects :

  1. On Page: Code, sites structure, sites speed, content, keyword density etc.
  2. Off Page: Only Links.

Social media has changed the human behavior and also forced the Google to take a notice on it.

–> Relevancy

Google will always take the side of the user – if we see from a user’s perspective, do you want to see the search results which were not up to date and also relevant? No, you will not because the main thing behind this is that Google measures this through social signals. At a very basic level, if the peoples were talking about something over on social media then you must do these things :

  • Autosync your YouTube channel with your Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Every time you will post a new video it will be an auto push to these accounts.
  • Post on your personal accounts.
  • Also post on the LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook groups. Social media groups will also have an amazing way to get more likes, shares etc.
  • You can also buy the social signals if you want.


  1. Building Links And Embed

If you will follow all 1-4 tips then your video will get indexed in the Google within a matter of the minutes but if you want to rank your video for the competitive keywords searches [ like ” Miami SEO Company ” ] then you will have to build a links to your video URLs and also embed them HTML on the other websites. Link building is also a tricky endeavor and it is also a double-edged sword.

If you want to build the right links which will benefit you and your video and it will rank for whatever keywords you want. If you build the wrong links, then your video will get flagged and YouTube will mark your video as an spam and removed from your channels. I will recommend you that build a small number of links and also quality links for a long period of time.

Some of the great sources of the links for a YouTube video are :

  • Tumblr
  • Web2.0s
  • Blogs
  • Pinterest
  • Email Signatures.

And of course, don’t forget to add each of your videos to your own blog.



If you want to rank your YouTube videos then you must go with these tips and implement these tips while publishing your video and I am sure that Your video will be rank faster than before but after reading this article you have any kind of query then you are feel free to put your query in the comments box below!

Rankit Sihmar

Rankit Sihmar

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