How to get Facebook app messages with spy app

I have come across on the web last month and I have got many questions appears on my blog that how to get Facebook app messages. So, I turned towards the solutions and I have got many tips and tricks using free social media monitoring apps that claim to be available on the web. I have spent a couple of weeks on it and I have come to the point, there is no such free method to get someone’s Facebook messages to the fullest, but to snatch the cell phone of someone and view the logs of FB messenger of your target person.

So, after spending a lot more time finding out the real truth and technique to spy on someone Facebook messages that seems reasonable and logical to me and that was spy apps to track Facebook messages. Then I got to know that there is plenty of Facebook monitoring software that is capable of tracking messages on FB remotely to the fullest. After choosing the best cell phone spy software that is efficient and accurate in real-time finding out the results is phone spy app.

Use cell phone surveillance app

Primarily, you have to install the Facebook spy app for a phone on your target cell phone having a physical access to it. Without having a physical access, nothing is possible, so you have to do that job with your own sneaky skills. Once you have got to chance to install the mobile phone monitoring app on your target phone and you have done it successfully, then you can easily turn your secondary option of spying Facebook account and get your hands on messages to the fullest.

Points that you need to keep in mind

First and foremost you need to visit TheOneSpy that is the official platform where you need to subscribe to the spyware for phones. Once you have got the subscription, then you will get the credentials for creating your accounts and get access to the cell phone surveillance app online control panel. Now you can install it on your target phone and after that, you just need to get access to the dashboard by using the passcode and ID and you will be able to get access to the web portal. Use the credentials and get access to it. Now, this the start of secondary action to visit the Facebook spy tools of mobile phone tracking software. Visit the Facebook tracking tools that can help you out to get the FB messages such as the keylogger, Facebook live screen recording, spy 360 live screen sharing, screenshots and last but not the least IM’s social media.

Now you can use all these above mentioned Facebook spying tools that empower you to get your desired results. Let’s find out how you can use these tools.


Once you have done the installation and you have access to the online control panel or you have installed TOS dashboard on your personal device. You can use keylogger by just tapping on it and you will be able to get all the keystrokes applied on the target phone. You will have the password applied on the phone including the FB messenger ID and SMS keystrokes that help you out to get access to the target person FB account and you will be able to see all the messages and chat conversations to the fullest.

Facebook Live screen Recording

A user can tap on live screen recording to the control panel and can view Facebook live screen recording. This will enable a user to do the live screen recording of target phone when Facebook is running on the phone. It records the screen of a smartphone by hacking the camera of a phone and make back to back short videos of the screen. So, a user will be able to see the messages sent or received on the Facebook social networking app.

IM’s Social Media

You can use IM’s social media of the cell phone spyware and it serves you to view the Facebook social media app logs such as chat conversations and text messages sent or received, shared media files and listen to the Voice calls.


Use cell phone spying app on your target cell phone and then get your hands on all the messaging activities happen on Facebook social media app.


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