How to Cure Pet’s Joint and Bone Problems

Nowadays Joints and Bones Related Problems are Increasing at a very high Pace among Pets, especially in Pet Dogs and Horses. Cats are little less Prone to Joints, Thanks to God!

Earlier Some Specific and Large Breed Dogs were Prone to Joint and Hips Problems but nowadays even small breed is quite common. Overall Approx 76 % Dogs face these Issues but Only 45 % are Noticed and Treated.

Common Joint and Bone Problems in Dogs and Cats

It Includes Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hips Dysplasia, Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, Fractures, Metabolic Bone Diseases are the Most Common.

What causes Joint Problems in Dogs

1. Wrong Food: This I Say the Biggest Reason. Feeding Biologically Inappropriate Foods – including some Top Dog Food Brands, Feeding High Plants/Grain Based Diet, High Complex Carbs Causes it.

2. Body Posture [like in German Shepherds ] and Large Body Size also triggers Joint problems.

3. Age – After an age of 5-6 Years Joint and Bone Related Problems in Dogs increase by 75 %.

4. Over Exercise: Some Exercise or High Jumping [ In Puppies ] may cause Joint Problems even at Young Age.

5. Obesity: If Dog is Obese/ Overweight, Then 100% Joint and Bone Problems will Come. Obese Dogs are Prone to many Diseases and Lifestyle Problems.

Hips, Elbow, and Knees are Most Common Spots.


Difficulty in Standing up, Climbing Stairs, Improper Walk and laying Style, Barking or Crying when Joints are Touched, Decrease in Playfulness are the most Common Symptoms of Joint and Bone Diseases. Easily Noticeable at Home or at Dog Park.

Prevention and Cure

Most important prevention and Cure is Choosing Right Dog Food and this is the factor which is most commonly Neglected by pet parents. Feed a Dog Food which Contains Glucosamine and Chondrium Salt – the Sanjeevani for Joints. “ Orijen Dog Food “ is a Good Option. If Dog is adult and is Overweight the “ Acana Light and Fit Dog Food “ is the Best Choice. These Foods not only delivers Joint Salts but also are High in Animal Protein, Low in Carbs and Fats, Biologically Appropriate and are 100% Grain Free Dog Foods.  They also Contain Good Quantity of calcium.


1. Supplements that Contains High Dose of Contains GluGlucosamined Chondrium Sulphate. “ Bioiberica Cosequin Taste HA “ is my First Choice as it Contains 100% Pure Salts [above mentioned ] along with “Hyaluronic Acid Hyal-joints DS ” for mobility. “ Folrex Syrup “ is also very Good as its 100% Organic form of Joint Salts. Feed “ Kalsis Syrup “ along with for providing Strength to Bones and Prevent/Cure Osteopenia/ Osteoporosis. It also Fixes Calcium in Bones. There are No Dog Joint Supplement Side Effects in these Organic Supplements.

2. Micro – nutrients : Vitamin E, B6 , Ascorbic Acid , Calcium , Manganese and Zinc. – Give Little quantity of them. These are present in above-mentioned Supplements/Medicines for Joint and Bone Cure.

3. Omega ’s: Daily Feed a supplement which Contains Omega-3 and 6 Fatty Acids. Best Sources of Omega are Shark and Fish Oil. Flex Seeds in your Kitchen Also Gives it to your pooch.

Dog Joint Pain Management

Cosequin, Folrex, Kalsis and Other Medicines like Cipla maxima all Decreases pain also. Apart from them, I am NOT IN FAVOUR OF ADDITIONAL PAINKILLERS. Giving extra painkillers normally prescribed by vets [ to just show that how quickly they delivered results] are causes further problems like Liver and Kidney Problems after prolong use.

Dog Joint  Pain Home Remedy: Take Lukewarm Coconut, add some Turmeric Powder or Organic Turmeric Juice in it and apply/massage gently of Dog’s Joints. It will give him relief from pain without hearing Internal Organs.

Home Food for Dogs having Joint Problems: Choose Home Foods, vegetables, fruits and Treats carefully. Do not feed Grains related Home Food.  Avoid Treats Like Biscuits, Normal Toppings/Gravies etc. Choose Dog Treats Carefully; You May Call Our India  Helpline “ 0 70 567 01710 “ for any Query or Choosing Right Stuff.

Light Exercise

Light Exercise like Walking is as essential as avoiding Heavy Exercises. It Naturally Pumps Lubricants between Joints.

Dog Beds

Make Sure Dog’s Bed is not too much Soft. Orthopedic Beds or Cousins can be Used But I am not in much Favour of Ortho Beds ; Not because they are very Costly but because they give only Short-Term Relief.

Hope it will Help Our Pet Parents For Giving More joyful Life to their Pooches. You can also Buy origen products online.

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