How this billionaire’s vision has changed the face of Bangladesh

Salman F Rahman, one of the top businessmen in Bangladesh, has played a pivotal role in establishing the footprint of Bangladesh on multiple global platforms. His vision and its execution through his company BEXIMCO (Bangladesh Export and Import Company Limited) has made them the premier contributors of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (almost 75%).

After he graduated from the University of Karachi, Rahman started learning the intricacies of business in the family-owned jute mill in 1966. However, he made his official debut into business with by setting up Beximco in 1972.

Salman F Rahman started the company with his elder brother, Sohail F Rahman with an import-export mindset. They traded medicines in exchange of crushed bones and seafood exports. It took the brothers 4 years to establish Beximco Pharmaceuticals, one of the oldest arms of the Beximco group. The export targets of the group were prominent countries including the UK, Belgium, Germany, etc.

Today, Beximco Pharma is the only Bangladeshi company to export pharmaceutical products to the US. The company has a portfolio of over 500 products in the global market, including more than 300 generic medicines. Bangladesh’s presence in the global medicine market was further strengthened as Nadolol tablets by Beximco Pharmaceuticals received the FDA approval in August. Apart from being the biggest conglomerate of Bangladesh, Beximco Group is also the largest ceramic exporter of the country.

The secret behind the success story of Salman F Rahman is his ability to identify opportunities and his progressive approach towards capitalizing on the same. Arab Bangladesh Bank is the shining example of his future-centric vision. Set up in 1982, it is the first private bank of the country. However, Rahman sold his stakes in the bank in the 1980s. Currently, he is the chairman of the bank.

What started out as a business venture by two brothers, today employs more than 6 lakh people. As the group continues to scale greater heights with Salman F Rahman’s dedication, hard work and business acumen, it simultaneously helps him secure a spot in every list of top businessmen in Bangladesh.